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to be cleansed
Waiting for their ace of spades
They say I sure hope he's coming
'Cause I feel like I've just been saved
Take my advice
Go ahead
to the Copa
Take some more vanilla bean to the mocha
Toca, Tone be quick fast to poke ya
The Ace of Spade of the deck, use your choker
Glossy, always
of my day ones and feeding on my wolf
2 365's ago I was live you know
Yeah I got off more tree than woods
Nigga its the real, ace of spades a deal
ain't hold no grudge
I had a child with her, baby it's warm in love
Then Christmas Eve we was playin two hand spades
You rolled on up, Ace I'm sorry
play your cards right to end with the ace of spades
Leave with the hearts, ignoring artists that are throwin’ shade
Playin’ in the club, rockin’
juggle, 'cause life is my type of struggle
Seven-fifty IL's, and tales of fly females
Who caught in these sales wit live details
Shades by Cartier, and big