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its prey
It's a revelation
To see such desecration
This digital disaster is fake

Accentuated love for me
A thousand eyes look up to see
Adulation, come
All hell is breaking loose 
Were at the breaking point 
Accentuated by false accent 
Echoes of false axioms 
Like a shot though the heart 
you wore
Just accentuated the fact that your heart was sore
Like a dying rose in the cold you froze
I'm holding the thorns on the floor

The Night
of contemporary jazz and musical accentuated personification
I'm so proud of him
Come on that's fucking garbage
I mean what a good job by the young man
Yeah good
hand throughout this blistering heat

Affection is just as good with a synthetic feel 
I'm hardly about to refuse another meal
Accentuated ribs
of suffering
The human condition

Accentuated by the futility
Of the babe's cries
Instinctively enraged
Let the killing spree begin

Victim by victim
Bodies fall
under her black leather jacket 
And a ripped pair of tight-fitting black jeans that accentuated her hips just the right amount
Her face was bare
on top back 
Accentuated all the pain so now this day will Have disdain 
So whats a stain so if the rain does not subside 
So wheres the blood if aint
You remember it more
I remember you still
Quoth them all nevermore
Accentuated at heart
You were wrong from the start
What did he do to you now,
Gouge out your cerebral cortex
Smear any chance of freedom
Times up believers, empty your mind, no strings attached
Left to wait, accentuated
Accentuated by the mobile dungeon of fluorescence
As I fall out of love, this wasn't supposed to happen
Not according to you

Please don't allow
to the crossroads
The painful slowness of our progress accentuated by the brilliant morning light
The dolmus duly reappeared
My host gave me one crutch and leaning

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