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I saw you at my funeral
Tearful faces so hurtful
Mourning seems neverending
No joy in death stop pretending

The pain of what's lost now
This undeath
Unleashed I walk upon this earth
A master of undeath each breath a curse
A wave of blood shall consume them all
My will is inscribed upon bone

waves of zombies
It howls with pure defeat
Flesh will satiate us
We will devour we will consume
Undeath empowers us
We came to hunt we came to feast
Forsaken are the children of Terra

Palms are raised to the sky.
Howling winds you shall join the march 

March of undeath
March of the dead
Living undeath through the lifeblood
Could there be one inside

They cast no reflection
Sharp teeth when they grin
Their charms honed to perfection
Sanguine flood

Great beast of many bodies
Lord of many souls
The stillborn lives again
Freed from undeath's control
A seething mass of corpses
Rites of death
Rites of undeath
We're falling
We're falling down

I told you we're into deep

Transfer life into what's dead
The act of human playing
became a god
It became your resurrection
Undeath of the damned
Resplendent in his harness
His flanks are flecked in seed
Cybernetic knucklehead
me, the one they call "the Vaunted"
Undeath is a maze, I am the skeleton key
not know death 

The agony of undeath sweeps over me...
I've died a thousand deaths yet persist in suffering...
To never join the stars a crueler end

Beyond my last breath
Visions of undeath
Now in the bone orchard 
Cries of prayers go unheard

Tombstoned ride the creeps
Tombstoned rest in peace
(I'm not dead yet)

Dredged from the soil by undeath
Reanimated from the grave
Neuropathic chains puppet the flesh
Cordycepted corpses enslaved
your trust
Precision pluck, luck has its way
Melting with your gentle breath
Come alive, I am undeath
Building walls out of your snow
And underneath
know well the pain
Employed her death anyway
She takes a shape, a flame
Bends to my Will all the same
Please forgive my act on your soul

Undeath take my
for me
The one they call the Vaunted
Undeath is a maze
I am the skeleton key
The wind passes through decayed lungs
Power courses through his veins
The familiar warmth of mana
Returns to the newly arisen
Reborn master of undeath
becomes entombed.

Ammon is thrown into an open grave
And witnesses the lord of undeath take flight

Let's run away into the night
Where nothing is wrong
Dread lord of vile undeath

Unchecked; a blight is cast upon the land
As mortals fall, they rise again at my command

Shrouded in shame
Consumed by
become a womb

Out of snow and blood
A birth so hideous
Out of snow and blood
In undeath United

Pale earth trembles
From the pit it crawls
was plagued
By my desire for vengeance
To save a city
From certain undeath
I did what had to be done
Purge this city
Of every abomination
It's me you smite

But undeath can be a beginning
When life's not enough time

I float, like a ghost
Vapor and smoke
Wailing lost, ancient notes
nothingness for an eternity is my last resort
But I refuse, to succumb to my own debilities
I will deny, mortality
Join me in undeath
No longer bound
We could
I sacrifice myself for me
Laying in the dirt my soul is bound to
To live a lie of dark fantasy
The black phantasm of necrosy
The horror of undeath
Born in the darkness
Rising from the Earth
Cloaked in black robe
Soulless from the Birth
Niche aesthetic
Arcane love grotesque
Bode forever undeath

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