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Sparta (The Samples) · Theme from Sparta F.C. (The Fall)


Be my toy
Come on have a bet
We live on blood
We are Sparta F.C.

I don't have a jack knife it went up the hill
I don't know if I'll get it
and live forever

Then, and again, sing of three hundred men
Glory and death, Spartans will never surrender
chest me
Will shoot one a dem bout yaa
Sparta send some Cyanide
And bout 2 drum a gun powder
Nuff bwoy just lip dem suck pussy mouth
Wi nuh born wid
created them.
Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the Samurai.
They worship strength because it is strength
That makes all other valuables possible.

Lock the doors, turn off the lights,
Remove all your clothes!!!

::..Sergio Ramirez..:: a.k.a Glassjaw-Sparta
According to the myths and legends
At the fringes of our memory
Paris stole the queen of Sparta
And carried her across the sea
As they fled, he
Grele ginduri, anemie, nocturn complot
Noaptea-I vie, iar o mie de stele
Ma privesc si eu tinjesc la ele
Oglinda-I sparta si in ea se oglindeste
makes new York look Athenic. For LNWQ read (Romandy) for the East read Sparta.
At dawn envoy arrives, morning of October 28th
"No day" proven by deed
Descendants of Sparta, Athens and Crete

Look north, ready to fight
und dann bin ich Stammgast
Elegant wie Sinatra
Legende, wir sind nah dran (wir sind nah dran)
Wir kommen wie Sparta
No Limit auf der Fahrbahn
what my vision is, but y'all still ain't listening
The war they winnin', it's just beginnin'
And I've been 'bout Sparta like Michigan
I got stats,
bring the world rage

Lifestyle on 300, Sparta's how we comin' (we comin')
Loverboy like I'm McLovin, I got bitches in London
You gon' take a chance
we gon' fucking kill the messenger
Your whole clique! hollowtips'll tear up the best of ya!
This ain't the "carter" nigga, this is sparta!
of the drama
Defeat your whole army like this is Sparta
So don't violate or you'll get violated
Some of you model bitches is so overrated
Don't mean
losses can't amount to my mom's fortune
So go'head Knight me, like I'm King Arthur
For freedom, I do it like Leonidas did for Sparta
The 300 of G
not want you back (Hahahaha) (Oh Boy)
DRI wants you back
Sparta wants you back
Let's try that again
Sparta wants you back
am harder, I'm smarter, I am Sparta
I am your father
or two.
Driving into New York City underneath an orange moon.

It's one more mile to Sparta, one more to Dover too.
80-East to New York City, and you're
They said I wouldn't be shit, so fuck it, I had to go hard again (fuck it)
300, Sparta man (Sparta)
I'm a barbarian (barbarian), I'ma get my revenge
Putze meine Knarre mit dem Handtuch ab
Junge bitte komm nicht mit "Leonidas & Sparta"
Wir sind auch 300-Mann Abou-Chaker
Achtung, Achtung! Ali
Come la volta scorsa richiama sto numero forza
Guarda, bella coppia sulla carta
Litighiamo, questa è Sparta
Il vicinato che ci guarda (non vi
tief in meinen Lenden
Spalte den Salatkopf wie Leonidas einen Perserschädel
Bruder, fliegst du mal nach Sparta, dann sag, du hast mich kämpfen sehen!
Fa paura uguale, oh oh oh
In business class

Negli abissi, Poseidone, la mia guerra
Per la storia sono Sparta, verso l'Attica
nigga, this is sparta
It's harder I die and be a martyr, respect me like your father
Let off a clip or let a case off
I have your pussy ass runnin' like

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