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You've ruined me now
But I liked it
But I'm ruined
Do you have a plan
Cause I'm in your hands

You've ruined me now
Though I liked it
You've ruined me now
But I liked it
But I'm ruined
Do you have a plan
Cause I'm in your hands

You've ruined me now
Though I liked it
No one loves me better
No one ever could
I wish someone would have warned me
That you would be so good

Oh, you you you you've ruined me
thought I told you I was ruined by the stones

I don't ever want you to come home again
I don't want to hear your call, your voice in my room
I am divine,
Well she made my day
But it ruined my life
She smiled at me
And I did not think twice
Well I dove right in
Into a world of strife
Well she made
You don't know me 
You just know my name 
You want to see me ruined 
Is that your game? 
There's nothin' left at all 
fall to pieces when I'm with you, I fall to pieces
My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme
And all of my peaches (are ruined)

Love, is it real
(Not enough lights)
Not enough lights
(Space to space in)
Space to space in
(I've ruined my mind)
I've ruined my mind
It's complicated
The colors are flowing from the wall to the floor
And only an outline still remains
Cause the roof's got a hole in it
And everything's been ruined
Many mistakes will wait to be made
Has one more ruined its life today?
Torn down wide by the slightest suggestion
Never believe in the perfect
Now I'm living here inside this dream

I've been ruined for this life ordinary
I've been captivated by a different kind of living
Now I'm starving
The skirts go up
Before the war
Among the madding crowds
They're ruined like the rest of us ruined
Rest of us ruined
You are a living doll
Melted and vaporized
And stained my glasses with the salty residue of lies

You ruined everything
You took our past and you stripped it of everything
Beautiful love
I've ruined your paradise
Searching for my dream to realize
Reaching for heaven depending on you
Beautiful love
Will my dreams come true
And now I'm ruined
(I'm ruined)

In the evening you can catch me daydreaming
Did that moment send you reeling just like me
I should've gone over, right over
Though we've ruined everything 
The stars still conspire for us 
Until our final breaths 

We need more love in the world 
We need more hope in
This is all going all to shit
What can I do, it's me and you ruined
So now I'm leaving, scratching out my eyes
From sights I've seen, done being keen
The day they split the atom was a great advance
Our future was destroyed before we had a chance

Ruined the rest of your life
I have fallen back to nothing 
No support can keep me standing 
All is ruined all has failed 
All your shattered words have ruined me 

You said
bad news
The basements been swamped by a flood
I got the Studio Blues and it's ruined my shoes
My Boogie's all covered in mud

These voices have ruined my life. These voices have ruined my life. I'd tell you the whole story, but you wouldn't believe me if I did. Laying in
I know you love me too.
Mine is the Greatest sin because,
I ruined her life mine and yours
We quarrled,and I took the ring that you gave back
different now,
Now that You've ruined my life

You took my dreams
And stole my schemes
Turned my life upside down
You took my heart

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