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pick out, get made
And all that glows is redstone
This dark and lonely cave is all you've known

It's a dark place and they say it gets darker
than what I have at hand
is there something far and wide or right beneath this land

Redstone, I need more power, Redstone, I need more energy X2


And I feel like a million dollars oh
I'm a liar, I'm a coward
Buy me, buy me purple flowers
A redstone torch
One thousand hours
Oh she played me
the quiet redstone
And walk across the rooftops
I walk across the rooftops
On graduation day
To look for independence, yeah
I am in love, I am in love
emeralds and more
Mining up diamonds call em' a ore

Bucket of water watching my back
Make a fat splash if I take a fat knack
Redstone signal repeater
mortal que no survival
Os deuses nem arranha 

Me chama de rei da redstone
Sou apenas um homem
Não tô sozinho
Tenho meu cameraman 

E como toda jornada
Já miluju Minecraft
Je to můj svět, ve kterým jsem rád
Já rád těžím cobblestone
Diamanty a redstone
Minecraft miluju, je to
Lepší svět, než ten, ve
me on into hell

But I got lucky
I got into rehab program down der in Redstone Arsenal down der in Alabama
And with dem people helpin' me.
I am song (he paints you as a song)
I inhale where jade-like popcorn flowers glow
She has given you birth as flowers
We're intoning these red-stone
an axe, dropping facts, got the shield broken, brought swords back
Minecraft rap, redstone trap, don't care if it's cringe, don't give a crap
Dark Oak wood,
pas de Redstone pour les pistons
Et si t’inverses ton veston laisse tomber
Est c’que c’est demander le ciel qu’on m’laisse en paix ?
Le flow est déversé
got diamonds
I don't need no gold I got diamonds
I don't need no gold oh no
I don't need Redstone
I got diamonds
Miner gotta mine that
Miner gotta mine
deux yeux fermés
Visage de stone à la Senku
Mc la stone et la redstone
Demande à mon clone si j'découpe
Successeur du pouvoir comme Deku
Sans visage
melodies, balconies, punchin trees
Creeper, no problem, I’ll be shooting those, ending those
Have a wolf pack and an ocelot, you’re a bot
I’m a redstone
What are you doing stepbro

Dick so hard, gotta mine it with a diamond pick
Smelt gold bars, got a couple stacks in my furnace
Redstone cars, got me
But looking at your redstone skills, guess you ain't fit for the job
But never mind the logic gates, we out here in the lobby
Just here to pop some
plan my escape into the mine
Redstone and Diamond ores
Deep inside the mine
I'm mining for my life
Mining for my life
Yeah, I'm mining for my life
plan my escape into the mine
Redstone and Diamond ores
Deep inside the mine
I'm mining for my life
Mining for my life
Yeah, I'm mining for my life
him to the redstone and light the fucker up
Tonto hit them hard with the ice, like a blizzard
Tonto on the beat i'm throwing fire like a wizard
at last
You killed me, felt that pain really kind of fast
Goodbye to my iron, I wish it didn't load
Goodbye to my 2 stacks of redstone
I'm in so much pain,
the bikes to Redstone everyday
To junior year we skipping class to go to Chick-fil-A
I been trynna prove it don't really know what to say
But I been
do that,
Whatever you need!
You want a redstone farm, and I’m already gone!

Oh, Oh 
I’m your right-hand man,
The anything I can man,
Vamos Avante
Letra e melodia por Rocco Redstone

Quis fazer um samba pra você

Uma velha canção de amor

Algo pra nunca te esquecer

Uma morfina

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