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Am I a prettyboy
Call me a prettyboy
But I am not your toy
Call me a prettyboy
Call me a prettyboy
But I am not your toy
Call me a prettyboy
Call me
Ay, ay ay Prettyboy Anarchist 2 in this bitch, hoe
Prettyboy anarchist, threw a Molotov through your window
Start the revolution, one fire
your shoes at the door (Ayy)
Prettyboy makin’ that dough (Yuh)
Prettyboy makin’ some mo (Uh)
She fuckin’ with Prettyboy’s flow (Uh)
Fuckin’ with
Any man wey jump make dey stand 
Any man wey stand make dey fall 

Chop them like High tension
Dj Dj Dj Dj Dj  Dj
Banger certified Prettyboy
Massacre massacre massacre burst it

Do you know
Prettyboy yeah yeah

Who you know bad like this
yeah you know that's for real
Yeah you know (she cozy)
He know (she cozy)
They know (she cozy)
With a prettyboy beside her
You know (she cozy)
He know
Young Prettyboy
In Tokyo, chillin in the city, boy
Sippin' soju, henny, yeah I'm fuckin' litty, boy
Bumpin' blond chillin' with a broad big ass n'
the case, going in
Im flexing, flexing so hard 
Im a prettyboy, but I aint

Fuck all the haters, I was drifting
How could your own bro hate, that's sickening
"Prettyboy Col on the beat!"

Got the juul, back at school, youse a fool, youse a tool
Youse a rat, that's a fact, youse a pussy, you a cat
yeah  uh yeah
The girl a whine    uh yeah   uh yeah
Every time but mi focus on doe
As me PrettyBoy tell me why you so sweet
Dive between your legs you
any thing on the way that will stop him from achieving his aims in the Name of Jesus I pray

PrettyBoy ladies and gentlemen
Understand  Pra pra pim pim
on doe
Ask me PrettyBoy , tell me why you so sweet 
Dive between your legs you know me make the girl screamn
When the kitty tight , you know me make
Dj ! Dj ! 
Banger ! Certified ! 
PrettyBoy ! 
Massacre! X3 

Who you know 

Who you know bad like this 
Who you know hop on the beat like this 
pass time gotta keep a bat close
Fit goin wild if I'm talkin red nose
Ask about the beat prettyboy made those
Couldn't give a shit about you St. Pete
Slip on the beat you know that it’s fly
Prettyboy Col with HazeySkies
Smokin some dope we tryna get high
Making the beats, y’all shouldn’t even try
Imma goth model, dressed in all black bitch
Prettyboy Anarchist BEG! in the back bitch
Walk inside the function with my platforms on
Yessir you already know
Prettyboy Kai make it litty on this beat I'm bouta kill this joint 

Yea it's tuffie, yea it's tuffie that you left me
You already know who it is
It's Prettyboy Kai I make it litty
Shot shoota shoota, yea yea yea
No cap

Shot shoot shotta I don't smile back, looking
Kilogram of skrrpy 
Eye think eye'm Rick Doblin 
Prettyboy aloe 
Smokin all the green goblin 
Off a .3 
Now my chakra throbbin 
Aloe Boyz tha
You never  see me with a Ofololushoo  oh oh
Oh so hard I got to make my own dough

Yaahh  yaahh say na Prettyboy Prettyboy
Pull up in a Porsche
Even wen
the Louis Vou
Got the Air Max and the Louis V
I don't know you, don't fuck with me
That's Prettyboy C smokin on O G
Y'all are just feens, lookin for the free
Best believe best believe it
Best believe best believe  best believe it

PrettyBoy  he go
Die here PrettyBoy

Remember when they told me boy you
Oh my God you're so dramatic

Prettyboy I'mma loverman I'm not a fighter
Baby boy I no be womanizer
So tell me girl why you wanna hold Casper
Ah Ah
She get man but she say she need better 
Prettyboy me I make that thing wetter 
She shake her bum-bum then I lick it like a letter 
Ouu man a fire

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