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Voglio fare soldi come pewdiepie 
Voglio molta fama come pewdiepie 
Voglio tanta grana come pewdiepie 
Come pewdiepie come pewdiepie
Voglio fare
makes sense

PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye
I have always happy mood
PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye
They're for each other all the time glued

Now as they
Pewdiepie's a nazi
Pewdiepie's a nazi 
Pewdiepie's a nazi
Nazi nazi 
Literally hitler
Back at it

Cuz Minecraft's Back baby
With the 'Creeper? Aw Man'
Whether you're a Jacksepticeye
Or a PewDiePie fan
We're swinging side-to-side
like I'm pewdiepie (Pewdiepie)
How you talk to girls you a creepy guy (Creepy guy)
Yo mama think I am a cutie pie (Cutie pie)
Taking my time ima do it
it all the time
Druff, Druff
In the streets where they clappin like Pewdiepie

Amazon Prime with this
Always on time like Ja with this
I be
Она хочет со мной в рай! 
(Хочет в рай, со мной в рай) 
Она готова тебе врать! 
(Тебе врать, тебе врать) 
Я её блогер PewDiePie! 
(Пью - вникай, с
He's got some dope content
YouTube's warranting a protest
PewDiePie's finally scared

Wake up! You're late for the internet
Wake up! And get glued
Its Friday today
Going to my friend PewDiePie, no no jk

I ain't about to stop
Fame is filling, I'm riding to the top
Get in the car,
Не мешай, ловлю хайп
Будто бы я PewDiePie.
Налетай, налегай,
Пока я добрый, silly guy.
Папа не ругает, ведь он ловит дикий кайф,
Когда папа залетает
mais famoso que o pewdiepie (my name is pewdiepie)

mas agora eu vou dá no pé 

e vou deixar o lil esculachar


Meu deus, porque eu deixei esse
on these girls
I like to say frick like how frickin' PewDiePie does
Frick you and your mom
I would love to frick your mom
And I'm so sorry you never got
can see I'm getting mad, bringing up the past
H3 stop eating snacks, bitch you getting fat
Flew out PewDiePie just to fuck him in the ass
I ran it up
don't wanna look like a little bitch
But, dude, you're gonna be crucified
How can you claim that shit
When you're too scared to go in on PewDiePie?
Right now everybody asking who am i
But One day I'll be at the top like PewDiePie 
Showing love to the cutie pies
An I'm going off like a u z i 
Put in
A pusti si "What's up guys, My name is PewDiePie"


Stratil korunu
Nemám koruny
Dal by som si malú kávu
Dal by som si
I'll bait all your clicks, thumbnails full of shits
There's nothing to shame. We all be like this
Pewdiepie save us!
Brofist them corporations out of our
that's changing they mind
Run up on me and that's suicide
I'm tryna get paid from the views like I'm pewdiepie
If you aint talking money then move aside
The only item I will serve is bitch lasagna like PewDiePie
Keep doing what you’re doing and you might blow up grenade
I won’t play by the rules I play this
in a blink of an eye
Can't blame you really but it makes me cry
You were the marzia to my pewdiepie
We weren't meant to be but I still want you by my
bet they are awesome
Just kidding, T-Series is trash
PewDiePie should win just like that, in a flash
If there are thousands of dimensions in
known as PewDiePie
I don't really watch him cause I'm not that lame
Even if my hobbies include some games
Like Magic: the Gathering
Pokemon and Mario
I can swim fast like this
Step-up get a taste of this 
You'll become my tasty dish
I'm swiming upstream
More consesquential than pewdiepie
I don't
T-Series is awesome, you bet they are awesome
T-Series is awesome, you bet they are awesome
Just kidding, T-Series is trash
PewDiePie should win just like

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