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Just because the team left that don't mean I ain't no Houston Oiler (Icy)

I'm a Houston Oiler 
I'm a Houston Oiler
I'm from H-Town
the oil in me
Worth a lot it's royalty
Seeing me is owing me
Having this joy in me
Can't toy with me
I'm a black oiler see

Skin Black
That's the oil in me
on cup winning teams
The oilers, the 80's 
A bucket less phenom
McTavish was known for bravery 

So many times he must have hit his dome
So many times got
You like to had to got it til we show up
Styrofoam cup doubled up we bout to po up
Call me Houston Oiler DJ Screw will have you hold up
They saying
to call my lawyer
Got a fine chick that look just like Latoya
Run you out my city like them Tennessee Oilers

You can play hockey, I'ma play hookie
the lies we hear are true
For buying what the snake oilers are selling
Shame on us for letting our fears get in the way
Of opening ourselves to something new
to love Texas women

I'm an Oiler fan not a soccer man
And my arms are red and so is my blood
And they make it boil with that soft Texas drawl
And I
to love Texas women

I'm an Oiler fan not a soccer man
And my arms are red and so is my blood
And they make it boil with that soft Texas drawl
And I
She works the jar with a discount flirt
A faded Houston Oilers shirt
While an old crow sings down on the stage
Thumbing the chords on a crinkled
to love Texas women.

I'm an Oiler fan,
Not a soccer man.
And my arms are red,
And so is my blood,
And they make it boil
With that soft Texas drawl
And I
as an boiler.
He was glad he wasn't workin' as an oiler.
One day my sister went and lit up a match
and up is where they went.

They went up! up! up!
like a guy
room right up by da water
Even taught her how to use ah joint roller
A tight end became from underground lik ah oiler
Here like I never left, back like
jealous boys is tryin' to destroy us
Run you out my city like the Tennessee Oilers
Got nothin' for us, listen to my chorus
While I sit back and blaze
Howdy partners? Welcome to Houston, Texas
The home of the candy paint, the Houston Oilers
Whoops they're gone and suckafree
Goddammit, get on my V12
ain't trapping
Pull up to the function
I be Straight macking
Got money like oilers
Start frackin
Dripped in red through the bity like whats brackin
Ron Oilers
That's how you feeling
I got em pissed off

I move around like a big dog
Character speak ion big talk
Don't think it
I know I'm
sticks big hits now we're on a power play
Goalie blocks the shot he's gone and saved the day

Canucks flames oilers jets if we're playin' in the west
Little lady come walkin'
On the wrong side of town
know I gotta say 'scuse 'er
but I'm not from around
Stepped into the diner
The Oilers are
thinks I’m taxing
Sipping Houston like the oilers
My Lil bitch so bad ima spoil her
You know that I’m tryna get rich from sixty off a quarter
Move like I
still around
Don't put your faith in spoilers
Don't trust your money to oilers 
Try to associate your being with the words you spray
And when you fall
nothing but a Spoiler
Playing with the ice lil Shawty I’m an Oiler
I don’t play nice. Godzilla I’m Destroyah Aye
Hit em with the blade
I been getting faded.
Destroy your whole civilization like omni-man
Shit, spoilers
Get more dubs than the oilers
Think you need new pants, you just soiled yours
Don't need
Like the name is Victoria
Mouth stay running like
Earl Campbell with the Oilers
Call me Mr. Krabbs
I'm not giving up the formula
Got a better chance
Producer be cooking the beat with a boiler
Feel like I'm Gretzky, played for the Oilers
Too many women, too many games
Too many fake niggas, too many lames

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