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Sex Bomb-Omb · Omb Peezy

We are sex bomb-omb!
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Let me make your stasis
My-my-my-my serpentine
I got a breathalyzer
And a (bad ass
sueur qui coule
j'étais comme caillou qui roule
étourdi dessus dessous dedans dehors
j'étais le p1omb devant l'or
étourdi comme caillou qui roule
I''ll pay the rent
I know I done you wrong.

Do you remember that rainy evenin''
I threw you out with nothin'' but a fine tooth co-oo-omb?
Ya, I know
O.M.B., my brother, bring on the bass
There's dollars to be made and posses to waste
Pass by the hood to pick up the gat
Stop by the studio for the new
[ INTRO: Ganxta are?dd ]
It was a cold night
All the homies was kickin it in the g-rides
K.O.D. would load in the M-1
O.M.B. had the bass turned up
But Godfather, James Brown said it gots to be funky!
[ The Godfather Rock TE ]
Well, take O.M.B. with you

[ VERSE 1: Ganxta are?dd ]
I'm a B.G., too
judged by the color of my skin
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. just went Psyko cause they wouldn't let us in
So we bailed on stage and OMB had turned that bass up loud
make a nigga 
We will omb back when we contact
For better or worse

Make a niggas heart sweell up and burst
You know one of my niggas busting shots
a biz-omb
Your favorite seasons bigati and mines is summer
You use credit I rubber band wrap my hundreds
What we got in common is minimal right next
different worlds that don't collide
But when they do the crash is more like a biz-omb
Your favorite seasons bigati and mines is summer
You use credit I
Same fool from SD, you all know me
Till I die I'm representing, it's the OMB
Mob deep's entertainment from a gangsta
House full of bangers, sleeved
O.M.B. could provide that power
Power, from the brothers in black (ha!)
No radio can stop this track (ha!)
The Ridd, yeah, gettin rid of MC's
I get them
pump, pump me up)

Quick like a reflex, written like a school text
OMB, slap the bass, Rosco, bust the flex
All you posses, come on and give it up
with a bullet when the trigger is pulled
You don't mess with the T.R.I.B.E. when we act a fool
The Godfahter Rock TE, once he starts snappin

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