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Lisa Moorish  


Everybody scream, MOORISH AMERICA
Everybody scream, MOORISH AMERICA
Everybody scream, MOORISH AMERICA
So when you leave my concert, I want you
A flooded bezel couldn't make you more a man
When we were called to be teachers of law like Moorish men
You praise your jewels how embarrassin'
at the fuckin top
Wanna live that dream life
Moorish Code the team striped
Livin is the goal
I just hope your minds free cuz

I'm from the middle
Yes I got
for the sun, you catch the rain 

Of all the tales of Granada 
They tell of Islam's run
They lived beneath the Moorish lord
Beneath a Moorish sun

A rumba with eastern influences. 
It alludes to the Gipsy woman, 
To her Moorish origins, 
The enchanting power her sensual and graceful dance
for the sun, you catch the rain 

Of all the tales of Granada 
They tell of Islam's run
They lived beneath the Moorish lord
Beneath a Moorish sun

pursuing both religious and more earthy goals. It was
Also the site of unprecedented cross-cultural fertilization between the
Christian, Jewish and Moorish
wrath -- their shining new path
The converted castle of moorish design
If you want to stay the weekend, well, we wouldn't mind
The plots they are
my hair like the Andalusian girls used 
Or shall I wear a red yes 
And how he kissed me under the Moorish wall 
And I thought well as well him
the feds that I'm moorish
We walking, all the girls is talking
Generally they butt fucking naked just like the Book of Mormon
We see the trees for them
Saw her in the barrio
In the town where the brothers fought
Across the river from the moorish mosque
That the spanish christians bought
Her hair
to offer you.
Granada, land covered in blood
From the bullfighting afternoons,
Woman who retains the spell
Of Moorish eyes.
A dream-land, a rebel, a gypsy,
Contemptuous marauders from a Moorish plain
They came to plunder then they'll sail away again
Thirty down and counting, no one left to fight
Hear the carnage,
of cultures
Show you all the Occultic 
Moorish Occultist hidden Knowledge
College of the dark lotus
Knock ya focus lotus kick shattering the shogun
ya garden yea yea
You know what I'm wanting lighting up the dark when we kick it like a Spartan nahhh
More like Mansa Musa I'm so Moorish she adore it
as coal
Soul trippin on that kush, don’t feed me more
I ain’t ready yet these disses got my tongue sour
Moorish idol fuck it, i prefer catfish bowl
back through a barrel; the faith it took and the heart
This is the Carter, of Hannibal Barca, the Moorish Berber
At your gate with drunken tusks, flank
a stand
Undercover brother
Of the Moorish land
Only travels with a few
Never driving through
Words are magic 
If I showed you
You could spell it to
a starved cannibal
Bleak is the day when your eye wanders
My body is prophecy
Lavender eyes and Moorish sparks
Go tell the wolves I’m home
Go tell the wolves
got the Moorish squad 
Put you on squash no remission
I don't gotta talk tough
I just come with poetry that's too true
I don't think I say enough, but
But weeping faces
Just be the only gaze
Moorish blood within me
I'm more than golden
I'm shooting rays
Hotter than them water jugs
Heated up
Just so we
Moorish Media Entertainment
Let's go Fel
(Felony Muzik)
Blu Cheeze Drip (Drip)
Blu Cheeze Drip (Drip)
Blu Cheeze Drip (Drip)
I always been fly
words becoming trash
Lead you from the spiritual
To physical
Cults including the the Moorish community temple
Still selling myths videos
Using binaural
the waters, travel on oceans
Because I’m devoted to serve the nation, I’m chosen
And recorded be the voyage I was there before the Moorish
I’m erasing all

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