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Road Trips, Vol. 2, No. 1: MSG September '90: The Grateful Dead (Grateful Dead) · MSG (Michael Schenker Group) · MSG (Michael Schenker)

Laundromat Monday
Laundromat Monday 

I want my mother, someone to cook for me 
Each day another, take out no MSG 
I'm gonna
gallant, MSG
Dried corn syrup, TBHQ
Dipotasium phosphate (wholesome products for you)
Gum acacia, hydrogenated oil
Potato starch, bring to a boil
It's food nouveau
It's the shape of love
Beat it! Beat it up!
Beat it! Beat it up!

Extra sugar, extra salt
Extra oil and MSG
Extra sugar, extra salt
Jetsetters, in the place to be, I go by the name of D, I,
Two G's, and we gon set it off like we in MSG!

Yall ready to rock?

I said it's
oil and MSG
Extra sugar, extra salt
Extra oil and MSG

Shut up and eat!
Too bad, no bon appetit!
Shut up and eat!
You know my love is sweet!
pictures off my wall but Hey Don't Want No Problems
(coff) Boy you fucking Track Boys Are Crazzzzzzzzzzzy
You Get This Msg Call Me Back You Know
We Can
I look is a darkness 
Every where I look is a darkness
I get my MSG
From digital TV
Good consumer
You are the only one
Who has no trousers
We can order some pat thai
Without the MSG

And they write books about this sort of thing
And they write books about this sort of thing
Yeah, they
on me
M-S-G down on me
X-T-C down on me
F-A-B down on me
R-I-P down on me
M-T-V go down on me
and gluten free
Probiotic superfood antioxidant low MSG
Non GMO locally sourced quinoa and chia seeds
Jojoba and baobab dog treats
Hand made with wild goji
And I hope you don't mind if I lag behind you 
You'd like my company with your axe to grind 
We'll eat MSG and talk about Chinese food 
Stay up all
happenin' with you?
I watched that episode too
Maybe I'll get some Chinese
I'll have the dumplings
No MSG please

And when the night breaks through they
been reppin' the crib
From rocking stages with uncle Al Virginia key
To rocking sold out crowds at M-S-G
And I ain't from New York I'm a Dade county
see my attitude is MSG
F*** it, I'm salty, the game been loss me

Pay ya dues, it cost me, who acting like I'm past my prime
Hey Carlton Fisk, n****,
and your life
Is shattered
Here's to "Gimme me your 
Cash or your brains is
Gettin' splattered"
Here's to mad cow disease
And all that yummy MSG
in the lavatory making a big stink
Macing up the toilet seat and pooping in the sink
M.S.G.'s tanked up and wizzin' in a cup
Waiting for a sprinkle
a helping hand
Damn, calm down, B-B-C T-X-T or M-S-G
After class come with me and can I get a little bit of T-L-C
She replied what the fuck
F-Y-I you're gonna
the alignment 
I brought on the napalm program the gas context 

Consumption people they expect it 
Caffeine machine, MSG 
Fluorocarbons, monoxides,
the Sac-Town back down to the M.S.G.'s
So hit the freeway, no lee-way 'cause this ain't your zip code
You keep your lip closed
Or you get those lips swole
We got
think I'll eat into your mind instead
Poison you with M.S.G then crack you with cans of soda upside your head
It's free delivery of flavour at it's
around the solar, badder than Cobra
Composure never sleeps, my stream pumps Folgers
I'm sauteein MC's with fried rice up in the wok
Without the MSG
made bombs, Mitre 10
Balling out in Bali like a boss sipping bin tang with my mi-goreng
No artificial flavouring, no MSG, just let me be, on the MP3,

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