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a mix up wid look a hype
But over di cliff mi a beg di husband
Nu push yuh wife


Unity ano too much fi we ask fah
Lowe di abuse, lowe di killing
sell me out fi ah Yen
Gi' dem the rope and just lowe dem fi hang

Have some famely me wan' see again
But to how dem gwan, yo, we cyaan' 'gree again
through enough so please fi lowe me
Cyaan' tun to nobody when me get hungry
Ah blessings alone me wan' surround me
That's why me pray 

Every time me
write and cyaan read

A long time the Rastaman a warn dem
Fi lowe the bloody meat and go tek it to the farm dem
Now a just disease dem a put
trick mi fi use mi 

Verse 2 - Lisa Hyper 
Mi lowe destructive, towards constructive 
yuh nuh see wi black race nuh stop from struggling 
Pot fi bubble
book (yeah)

Everything we do, we give thanks, tell dem wah we do
Lowe di L, take di W (ay, ay)
One thing deh out deh fi you (ay, ay)
And it nah
a wuk fimi
So lowe me

Verse 3
Up and build mi empire like cookie
Only ting good bout mi
Ah my pussy
Bad gyal nah try fi be nu goodie
Cause di good gyal

(Kingdom Mab)
Protect the babies...yes
Lowe dem mek dem grow nuh,ahh ahh
(Mad and Bad)

Aye hole 
how yuh fi push yuh
Jump on the beat and beat it like it outta order
Addi ah di daddy fi di wul ah dem bwoy 'ya
We lock down di place like prison, shell it like
to dem dwag mi wouldn't get a chance
Everyday wi find sumptin weh dem check seh wi lost 
Betta if dem lowe wi inuh dawg

Nuh dirt to di jeans
lose your receipt
Them bound fi self destruct, me a go lowe dem, make you seet
Dem sow weh dem a reap, dem think say Jah no seet
When the stage show
want big man.
Suppen long like wey use fi dig yam.
A that Candi a fret pon.
Nuh wey day mi see har aDrink Alockta.Step one;
Shi just lowe Pampers,

Wid a smiling face

How you feel me know dem

Mi use to par wid dem

Dem instigate wul heap a life

Weh u feel mi lowe dem

And mi nu trust dem fi
lock di ends 
And a give out the orders fi step and do things
Want keep yuh hand den Lowe people things
Want keep yuh life, don't touch the kids
It real
mi have deh yah fi blaze
Until di devil a come up and a say ""Devin behave""
Lowe Mi, Unu rass Do Nuh trouble mi
Calm ina di past now mi thoughts
(Armzhouse Records)
Weh you feel?
Everything ah go cost, ah just fi live ah go cost you
When you n'ave nuh money, everything ah go pass you

Dancing a Jamaica middle name
Visa fi go a England a strain
Immigration a call out yuh name
Nuh mek yuh friend get buss

Signal di plane
Signal di
yuh feel like, nuh fight it
Dancing nice-nice-nice 

Dancing a Jamaica middle name
Visa fi go a England a strain
Immigration a call out yuh name
Do what yuh feel like, nuh fight it
Dancing nice-nice-nice 

[Verse 1:]
Dancing a Jamaica middle name
Visa fi go a England a strain
you gone

Baby we fi do better inna life
Haffi keep trying or die like Moses in the water
Don't be so stubborn
You love me like no other
But girl
Set di pace, fi we run di place, lowe di dutty ways
Cut di money chase, look inna we face, fire we a blaze

Woah, oh, oh oh oh
(Di gas station
every man me deal wid
Set mi own-a record then beat it, what's di secret?
Jus ah do mi ting, nuh business 'bout fi run nuh place (yeah, yeah)
storm in
And one people we forming
'Cause the disparity alarming
Regarding the place weh we born in, woii!
Folks nuh wan' fi hear a next shot

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