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A easily let's get carried away
A easily let's get carried away
Rekiocation Largest Typhoon
Get on top Largest Typhoon
Edge of world Largest Typhoon
Something, I want to tell you
There's something I've been, thinking
That your, crew should know
Big Pun be the largest thang
Straight out
meals but I used to be starving, quick to go left like my last name was Harden
They used to belittle me now I'm the largest
They used to belittle me now
This is the largest dear soul
This is the largest dear soul

I admired him
The only person on fire

I admired him
The only person on fire

The bridge
of what we could be
Felt the movement in the breeze
Rain from a cloudless sky
Part the largest sea
Move every mountain standing in the way
Let all I know
(beat it)
Who's that girl with the largest back?
"Yo babes, can I grab it and squeeze it?" (Muad)
Sexy gyal look appealin', ay
What's your number?
screamin' out, "No regrets"

You been through the hardest spot, ego the largest
I made you a star (I'm screamin' out, "No regrets")
I been movin' slowly,
as Dracula
With anaconda wranglers
I am a cosmic conqueror
The only goal is charge em up
Waiting for the largest volcano to start erupting
Don't they know I'm
took the largest part (Odikwa the rest)
Awon omo yi para (Our papa dey vex)
Lo she'n sa wa s'abo (Our matter dey trend)

You wish me good or bad (Odikwa
on my teeth 
Now i'm flossing

Yeh i'm living but 
I'm tryna live da largest
Either way you know
Imma shine regardless

Shit come easy 
When u really go
pride at heart, and its deep dog
I'll hop the largest gaps in this bitch, imma leap frog
I know the sound equipment in this bitch is some trash
to class, to anywhere but standing there
My brain gets disconnected and so do my words

I could

Climb the largest tree
Fly to timbuckthree
Knock on a door

Beauty is the Largest Obstacle to Obsess
Decorate the Sergeant, Community Resistance In Progress

Pull out game strong like the Waco
Largest land mammal
On the face of the plant
Faces extinction
This very minute
Taken from the Land
By the Hand of Man
Largest land mammal
to buy me a carbine)
Livin' life the largest (livin' life the largest)
Tryna avoid these charges (avoid these charges)
Don't know where your heart is
broad is fit with the largest tits
Through the fog they sit
Helicopters over Nicaragua, scoop for dollars
Dig for lobster, the zoo of tigers
And the largest cement plant in this country

And people walking and people conversing
Just work, car, interstate and house
Just work, car,
work it like that
You got to be the flyest
You can be Nas's angel, let the largest train you but
you work it like that

Uh, Philly rap a hydro,
tool) a tool for holding water is a cup or pail
The opposite for fresh is stale
(The largest) the largest sea-mammal is a whale
Beer is called ale,
you giving to me
I can't let that go

And yes I can say I deserve you all of the things that I do
Swim the largest ocean climbed the highest mountain
The largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean
The second largest ocean is the Atlantic Ocean
And coming in third place is the Indian Ocean

The fourth
to the largest possible portion
No one sees what darkness holds
I'm on the verge, of performing self abortion
The toaster doesn't go in the bathtub mon cheri

can tear the largest man to pieces

A life to give a life to hold
A promise written in the sand
Love so wide touch the sky
But I, have seen my love
Something, I want to tell you
There's something I've been, thinking, that your, crew should know
Big Pun be the largest thang
Straight out

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