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Mm - ad lib
It's been very hard,
Oh, it's been very hard,
Mm, ah, been very hard.

Ah - ad lib

It's been very hard, ah - ad lib
I wanna know, I
Rowntree¹s Ad Lib into LSD.
to you.
There's a whole lot of things, you and I could do.
Yeah yea
*add lib*
What about the way you love me?
(what about the way you love me?)
silent news, silent mystic, Night move (ad lib) 
Silent night, silent news, silent mystic, Night move (ad lib) 
(in a mystic morning, in a mystic night)
Eaten alive
Munched into pulp
Premature necropsy
Comes closer with each gulp

Brain not fully dead
Decrepit splattered libs
Mass ensanguined
the stars
I'll be so happy to be where you are

Repeat 1 two times
(Ad lib)
Repeat 1 two times
(Ad lib)
To explain the magnitude the passion of my love

[Chorus: x4]

Key change (solo ad lib)


Key change (solo ad lib)


Key change

Ad lib....... 
Reggae music is
The key to ny heart
Reggae music is
My stop and start
From dusk to dawn
The music is my high.
green eyes
Baby you got me standing hypnotized
One more drink and then I'm gone
Come on let's go shake it all night long
Wee hee woop up
(Ad lib
Lollay, lollay, little child
Why wepestou so sore
Nedes mostou wepe
It was iyarked thee yore
Ever to lib in sorrow
And sich and mourne evere
You make me wanna give
It all to you
And keep it real. for true
I know that you see
We have so much
So baby. trust
(* Repeat with ad lib)
let me go
(*Repeat with ad lib)
And I know
That we don't need a reason. no
You're the only one for me, boy I can't deny
I know you feel the same, boy
With your anointing
(Ad Lib) As I come and I go. Use me as I flow in...
Your anointing 

Verse 2
Mountains can be moved.  And demons removed (oh)
lib verses]
It's no cheaped shot there
Baby's just a square, yes she is

[Verse 5,6 etc. ad lib]

Come over
Just Rockawhile
li ai li.... [ ad lib ] Ai that already finishes being you to Ai that I go away I understand Ai that finishes being you That it enamors to me that
Oh because you are my friend
Da, da, da, da (ad lib)

I've been looking around and you were here all the time.
Da, da, da (ad lib)
I've been around
it comes
To sex
He's strictly ad lib
Except when he consults the text
Lips that seem so kissable
Unpermissible unzippable unzip!
You're just
I'll give you good love and I'll never quit
All I wanna know is can you hanlde it Baby

Repeat 1

(Ad lib)

Repeat 1

(Ad lib)

Repeat 1
I give you

Repeat 1
(Ad lib)
I don't have a lot of money
But I will keep on giving you my

Repeat 1
(Ad lib)
Be my girl be my girl by my
Ad Libs 
Made in America 
Nineteen fifty nine 
Born down by the factories 
Cross the Jersey City line 
Raised on radio 
Just a jukebox kid 
(Ad lib)
Baby, you know, you know You got me going on
Just listen to what I've got to say
Check it out
Everything is flowing smooth. yeah
Talk to me baby tell me lies
Tell me lies as sweet as apple pies
And if your lips have never told a fib
You might ad lib with your eyes

Please leave him alone

Baby, you've got me used
Baby, Can't you be like you?
Someone's got to go and I won't, I won't
That's a promise
(Ad lib to end)
Give Love lib
Give love  ad lib    No greater gift is there than love.
What the world needs is love yes the world needs your love.
Give Love
to change my point of view
Her ad lib lines were well rehearsed
But my heart cried out for you

You're in my heart, you're in my soul
You'll be my breath

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