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Dead victims, Interrogation Leash for you
False witness, Interrogation Leash for me
Forced naked, Interrogation Leash for you
Portray sickness, come
atmosphère moite et quotidienne
En moi cette propension à faire les prolongations
À mes points d'interrogation répondent trois points de suspension

Dans ma
Bitch tell me how you really feel, bitch tell me how you really feel
Niggas lying actin like they know the deal
Interrogation room I bet his ass will
the interrogation
signed our names at the bottom of the government paper

calling memories out of mind
pictures writhing deep inside
and once you've seen it's
me I tried to plead 
I'm telling you please to believe 
What should I've done he pulled out a gun 
I had nowhere to run 

Interrogation I was the one
It's no fucking interrogation so quit while you're behind

Open your eyes and look outside
It's gonna fuck you up and leave an empty shell
Hands off,….   Do you hear what I say? 

Hands off,….   Now do you need persuading? 
Hands off,….   I've had enough interrogation. 
Raised my colours high
These chains I've forged
Sinking like a stone
Sunk to depths
All I judge
I have become
Body crusher, 360 muncher, burnin' out on the power trip, 
Two-faced interrogation, hell, liar, liar, panties on fire, 
Razor blade in the hand,
illegal humiliation
and no more police

Legalize marijuana
right here in jamaica
it can build up your failing economy
eliminate the slavish
Exposing all my crimes
But you're wasting your time
I'm always repeating things I already said
I'm sick of all these people, all I want is my bed
Preserve one's self

Finding strength in yourself
A massacre of your dignity
A fortune for someone else
Inspired by insufficiency
better keep it tucked 
I was taught , if you up you better bust  
interrogation room and  shit discussed 

Growing up, had it tough 
You want your life you
your failing economy 
Eliminate the slavish mentality 

There'll be no more 
Illegal humiliation 
And no more police 

There they go placing all the blame on me
Won't someone there wake me from this crazy dream

Why all these questions
The pressures
I just put diamonds on all of my teeth
Now they probably think I ain't intelligent
In the homicide unit interrogation
Asking questions, you know I
Shoot him some bail like, cuz he won't tell right?
The homies don't act like, the homies don't act right
Under interrogation becomes cooperation
wifey at IHOP
Your baby mother love that cyclops, my one-eyed monster
Interrogations keep comin' back, shit feel like karma
They add grams, now I
to rock (Rock!) So bring on the flocks (Flock!)
In-terrogation for the knockin of the box
The boom-box ruler, controls the medulla
None come cooler, I
You'll never get another chance at this

I won't stand another minute of your questioning me
You hear me, bitch, stop the interrogations over
into me
You'll never get another chance at this

I won't stand another minute of your questioning me
You hear me, bitch, stop the interrogations over
Captured now your fucked!
There's no escaping from your inbelievably painful fate
Interrogation starts
As you start to prepare mentally for what's
What's with these lights?
Is this an interrogation?
What's with these lights?
Third degree in the masses eyes
What's with these lights?
Is this
We wanna free the land
We wanna free the land
We wanna free the land

Detainee in detention
Under interrogation
They've paid that price
With their

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