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Ide · Jeff Ide

to school
You de use your own talent, working hard to enjoy
Everything you de do for yourself, ide give dem headache
You de try your best my brother, Edumare
Ide! Nie ide! Ide. Biegn?!
Kochany biegne do Ciebie!
Ide! Nie ide! Ide. Biegne!
Kochany biegne do Ciebie!

Biegne a serce mi drzy
Drzy jak
tin ide chionismeni tin drelli
Ma san tin ide chionismeni tin drelli
Glyka tis milisse
Tis tinaxe ta anthi apo tin kefali
Ke tin efilisse

Trelli san
So mixed up
With this masquerade
With this mask and wig
With this love parade
The ides of March
The wind of May
Knife to heart
No reason ever was given

Two ides of recoil, this moment's glory
A failed reminder of a broken story
My vague emotions one day will find
kiss and link our arms
We take a walk

We watch the tide ever way
Carry our ides through the sea
We hear the music
Remember being free

We are
Warm as the sunlight, shinin' on her golden hair

When I awake, and see her there so close besi-ide me
I want to take, her in my arms,
Now I feel a need in me, so har-ard to explai-ai-ai-ain
Now I've seen the joy of light and I want to remai-ai-ain

Standing on the insi-ide, I
and some day so will he
Cause one of these ides he's gonna break free
Cause one of these ides he's gonna break free
Cause one of these ides he's gonna
doma da mi ide
Na treca godina pismo prati
I mi pise nema da se vrati
Ne se vraca druga si zaljubi
I za neja toj si se ozeni
toward the Ides of May
The climate now is cling to splinters
We hold hands while we work and play
And hope tomorrow is a sunny day

Where we live men

Shelter in their suitcase
Shelter in their suitcase
Shelter in their suitcase
Soldier talk to sailer
of the original sin

You know I always hit rock bottom
God I know itÂ's true
The Ides of March
Is there nothing I can say or do

Again IÂ'm heading east of Eden
I'de feel no pain, if I was so far away (far away).
I'de feel no pain, as the last train leaves its cage (leaves its cage).
I dream of a place to go,
Cut my teeth on Daddy's old LGO
And I lost my mind somewhere in New Mexico
And TW put a snake on my back
I keep a red bar on my si-i-ide

And its
Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion
I got no patience
And I hate waitin
Hoe get yo' ass in

And let's ri-i-i-i-i-ide check em out now
Pumped and runs to buy another case of the Michelob cause the 
Losestar just won't do and the beer tastes awfully used St. Ides 
And even
me dy ron my nek
Thars a dang ana ding doo itan beegon

Shee kina sitn wita ly dou fang
Let it ang wit a itin imin babee
Ide oln lee pak da thangs
I'll take you home again
Across the ocean 
Wild and wi-ide
To where your heart 
Has ever bee-een
Since first you were 
My bonnie
kako ide niz ulicu
Primjecujes li boju na njenom obrazu
Danas je prvi dan you proljecu
I ona uziva kao da je posljednji
With those bedroo-oom eyes

And you don't have to say a word when you love me
'Cause I know what you're feelin' insi-ide
When you look up at me
Take my clothes, my socks, my shoes away 
I wanna be naked everyday (oh) 
I'de wear nothing but my birthday suite 
Just a chance to be with you
tüze ég
Én szóra váltanám a gondolatot
De félek, hogy nem érdekel
Sajnos nem állnak össze a mondatok
Én nem ide jöttem
Nem ezt akartam
Reményt kaptam
to your-our si-ide
Like the on-comi-ing tide
With one burning thought
Will your arms open wide

At last we're face to face
And as we kiss through
beware the ides of march
Who is this man?

Caesar, he is but a soothsayer, he is old
And his brain is addled, pay him no mind!
Throw him to the lions!

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