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A warrior with a Gereg
A warrior with a Gereg

Hearken be feared
Hearken and revere
Hearken be knelt
Hearken the will of the Great Khaan

Riding in the taiga
Lighters in the air from the sound as you hearken
How can you be scared of the fire if you're the arson
Frankenstein, still more than the sum of my
Consider I meditation

Hearken unto the voice of I cry
My King, my God
For unto thee will I pray
My voice shalt thou hear in the morning

O LORD, in
time I wonder you say
Listen to my words
Hearken to my voice
First I gave you life
And then I gave you choice
Blindly trust in me
Then I will maake you
Give ear to my words, Oh Lord
Hearken unto my voice
Hear my cry, my King
For it’s unto you I pray
My voice you hear today
I look up to you and say
a road that's long
There's a gentle song

Riding on a silver dream
Falling from a gilded seam
Hearken to the windy breeze
Silver dreams of golden trees
I am He who healeth thee
From all of thine infirmities
I am He who healeth thee
If you hearken to My voice
There was a man blind from birth and he
[opening chant]

I am the mystery
And i am the bringer of moonless night
I bear the wisdom arcane
I, harbinger from the burrowed isle

Once you break forth
That I may listen
Understand better the weight of the cross
Only believe
Thou gonna be saved

Hearken the voice here
That calls in
You shall worship the Lord your God
Him only you shall serve
You shall bow down before him
And hearken to his word

Lord we adore you
We proclaim you
Take a drag off a cigarette
Hearken back to the night you met him
Shed a tear and try to forget
And take a drag off a cigarette you get

So tired
I hearken life struggles 
To sharpen my mental muscles
Like a rock sitting up atop a mountain 
With a view of the world below
Soaking heat by
I will ensure that they hearken to me

They still do not yield
So they shall taste our blades
They'll soon see a contract
Should not lightly be

There's a clarion call from the Throne
To arrows in the Father's quiver
Hearken o ye prophets in the cave
So whom shall He send

Send us, Lord Send
Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland
Beasts of ev'ry land and clime
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the golden future time

Soon or late the day is
of the times - hearkens to our desperation 
I didn't mean it when I called her an angel
Because I pay her to serve and I pay you to die
I refuse to believe this
they wouldn't hearken to the lord
And its the same in these days

The wicked going down down down down
The wicked going down
The wicked going down down
Knowing that him couldn't mange, him go seek God for it
Him run to Judah, ask, what shall I do
But the Lord use a prophet to speak to the pew
Hearken ye
the entire world trembled
"Hearken to me my legions... walk out into the light and
Bring death and darkness with thee
March onwards my legions... destroy
Thee I cast aside
Fetus divine
Agnus dei
Free ov thy lies

Hearken hosts on high
Fetch me your god
As my ambition prescribes
Whispering, malignity, hearken to the summoning!

(This black desire, this nighted woe, this vile shunned and forbidden tome
In the brooding darkness
Hearken, children of the Ersatz gods
Sons and daughters of the New Earth, for here is truth
Long ago, before the third of Earth's moons fell firey from
of Dark Elucidation:
Callisto rising! Glory ascendant!
Hearken Zuranthus, kin of Klatrymadon...
your brethren are free once more!
The rogue godling,

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