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Gallic Doric band  


with this Gallic Gun
We gone turn up like Vageta when we see ya
Spot em' got em' like a cheetah
Beam like Frieza

Yea yea
Lotta these rappers be Kappa
man created God
6, 000 years in gallic acid
6, 000 more and we'll be gone

Had belief that someone else did
Had a logic to escape
Forget the boundaries,
The Gallic shrug
The shutterbugs
The Camera Plus
The black and white and the color dodge
The good time girls
The cubicles
The house of fun
and grab my hammer and pull
All the matter fabricate a Gallic gun and I shoot
Tell my tale to spark a gem in the youth, reflect the truth
And bend a rule
vegeta or trunks

I'm a super sayin prince I got the blood line that's why they bang my mother fucking line brah 
If you in my lane u get hit with a gallic
a start
To visit Africa, man,
The Malta Knights, those feckless wights,
Resistance made but sma, man.

While on their rocks, the Gallic cocks
Did stoutly
I'm a conqueror in the Gallic wars
Power trip, I need to be adored
Subjugations worth a million corpse
The grandest prize lies across the shore

Gallic wall
But straight out of nowhere
Before our eyes this goddamn bane arose

Thus Avaricum burns
Under a dead sky
Avaricum drowns
In blood
the scoundrels and villains in arms, he marches to war
Demolishing villages, pillaging every home
Gallic towns were slaughtered, removed from the face of the earth

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