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N8 The Gr8

Basta, Basta, Basta
We can't hear ourselves!
Snapping at the heels of the Great Eight
All the massive pushing at the front gate
basta, basta, basta

We can't hear ourselves

Snapping at the heels of the Great Eight
All the massive pushing at the front gate
Snapping at the heels
I'm the magnificent M.C., that's why they call me GR8 Scott

[Swel Boogie]
Why's you tellin' me your name, your friendless
You ????, you gotta
that)(could ya?)
[GR8 Scott]
It was a
Cool and lonely breezy afternoon in the crib
I just finished doing vocals time to lay some adlibs
You could
as great as eight grey whales full-grown

You're the prayer I wouldn't dare intone
With eight monsters in my family
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

(Family dinners are really great.
We eat the food and then the plate.
Roses are red,
put you behind bars
We're not playin' bumper cars
Did a great figure eight
In the middle of the interstate
Tires squeal wherever we go
I'm standing still but still I'm spinning
This journey ends at the beginning
It seals my fate in the great figure eight

No turning back
Young and full of running
Tell me where's that taking me?
Just a great figure eight or a tiny infinity

Love is really nothing
But a dream that keeps
great eight in Colorado
Home ain't home no more
I hug the road and kiss the concrete, and sometimes I even hear her heartbeat
No matter where we go
Jail for every town and every state...
"Oh god, ain't this country great!?"
Ain't it great! (8x)
gave her everything that I had
We were born and raised in the Golden State
Mommy's gone and daddy's doing his best
I was brought up great living
(N8 the GR8)
California Capital mix
The Adolf Wilson House and tricks
You want to close shop on Hip-Hop 
With some bullshit politics (follow me now
Bayamón, al corrillo ‘e bambú. Moti. Y a mi pana Gr8t, papi por la ayuda. Uroyan. Estamos po' encima, papi. Ellos lo saben. Vamo' allá
Then I make em come around lyk cirl activator
There r none gr8er I'm the freshest on the scene
Rap gamin Jones I'm the freshest on the team
Put a lipstick next to your ear unless you a 3 Muskateer
Copa the beater is at my locka
Now And Laters always move proppa
Alexander The Great section 8
able eyes

[Chorus: N8 and Eligh]
Who would I be with money?
What would I do?
Would I stay true?

[N8 the GR8]
Who wants to be a millionaire? Me!
Is that
And it never broke down
My Cadillac is great,earth's 8th wonder of the world
Take it out my garage and scare the (shit out of girls)
It's big,you
a surprise that 11 had to capitalize/
Off the late great number eight's sudden demise
Cut the lies that he tried to keep it honest
Talkin' 'bout flossin'/
10, 9, 8
7, 6
Get live
4, get raw
We came
We saw
We rocked the set, bet
Double trouble
Though we both triple threats
Now that's three
P laughing
Gift from the eight? Great, it gotta be P clapping
I can't stand around you bitch niggas
Emph beam make your team steam like a fish
Illa Ghee and I'm nicer than a mothafucka

Sket times spee leave stains on a nigga curb
The best MC, Bree painted a nigga words
The A-graded great, the 8
saw a putty-tat
Pussy fatter than the insane bitch that's singing
at the end of the game
Fumble more titties than Thurmond, Thomas, I'm as
great man
Rodman done had it
So I guess it on a young homie, the great number 8, Mr. Koby
Give him the ball dogg he ready
We got to play Charlotte tonight, I'm
Not all dat wit' macs, but I'm good wit' nines 
Great wit' eights 
Nigga, I'll heat ya face 
And I got a hungry lawyer that'll eat the case