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In fiber optic illusion 
The flickering eyes 
By fluorescent lights 
Supplicate before machines, 

The legend of modernity:

And I said, "Thank you, Jack White,
For the fiber-optic Jesus that you gave me."
It shined so bright
That I couldn't help believin' it would
Made by the assemblers
Clothed in carbon steel
Fiber optics integrate
Vengeance turned loose

Put you out
Of your misery
Make you suffer
Pull me from the gallows
Of this fiber-optic nation

I cannot compute why
We celebrate this mediocrity

Just let me download my
Latest update
Fibers optic looks the world of growth
Fleeting image ghost destruction t.v.screen
Trees sent communiques to bed.
Fingerprints found tampering, fiber optic brambling.
Instant messages sent to your bed.
Pillowcase up in the trees.
a great asset
But you're wrong, wrong, wrong

All that fiber optic gear
Can't replace your fears
Like an island song

Stop worrying about confession
such a great asset
You're wrong , wrong, wrong
All that fiber optic gear
Still cannot take away the fear
Like and island song 

The figures in plastic on the wedding cake that I took were so real. 

And I kept a distance, the complications cloud 
The postcards and blip through fiber
to me
Boot me up and just turn me on
Your fiber optics are so so strong
Www. come to me
Let's give in to it all night long
Hey ah ah
as we misunderstand
Everything that's said on this fiber optic strand

I'm not here at all
Thoug I shall recall
What she said to me
On her doorstep
the Koch administration
Gangster renovation
Born in isolation-ation
Ill communication-ation

Ma Bell fiber optic
Presidential miscroscopic
Soul sonic
Satellites mediate for us
The days events through fiber optics.
I hope we can change the saying.

I wouldn't mind but you are my only hope.
love waitin' for me at the end of the line

Got your fiber optics, got your savin' plan
In the off peak hours, honey, I'm your man, I got my callin'
Kick it! 


Up to your neck in a good time 
Soakin' panties on a fiber optic line 
It's funny how you never meet the man 
Who's paying
I hear your voice won't you
 let me follow
Knees bent so we can shoot
 the breeze signs I 
 can swallow
Keep the lines open like
 fiber optic
(Where do we go?) 

Oh Reto, are you future smart? 
Fiber optics cybercloptic digital heart. 

Reto, can you cypher me? 
Eight zero two eleven B.
their digital gaze
Ensnared in a binary web
Optic fibers growing like tendrils
Lurking overhead

A maze of surveillance, with no exit in sight
no telepathic capabilities

Fiber-Optic wires try to bind me...
Attack of the greys
I must defend

Raped by technology when I was a kid
digital means.
Fiber optic lenses, DVD, Coca Cola, Disney and Mickey D's.
Flat mass culture, the norm that took holdÉ I hope I die before I get sold.
throw a tiny wrench in the fiber optic wires
Morals are cheap and you can be the buyers
We can let 'em poison and perish foreign lands
Or we can play
the son of Sam
'Cause I'm thin and I don't grin
But check it out people 'cause I love to go and swim
Caught up on the phone fiber optic distraction
of a Sarcosuchus crocodile
Travel a fiber optic mile before you can smile
So don't ask me why, and don't ask how

Until I'm impressed with the print I can hear
up the tower
Several times an hour
Gettin power rotation, zero static on the air
Receivers are fine tuned, reception is clear
Courtesy of fiber optics

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