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( Uneasy EP )

I can see the mountains
Melt the sky into the sea
The birds that fly the trackless air
The creatures in the deep
Where the light just
( Edith Frost EP )

The emptiness we crave
The emptiness that gives us strength
Is not without its benefit
Fueling our intense dreams

it's a-soul deep.
It's to big to hide and it can't be denighed.
My love is a river runnin' soul
I work myself to death for ya
class at least
But then came REAL AGE, and for that we all must pay
(and for that we all do pay)

c.r.e.EP. C.R.E.E.P.

with your singles what's with this underdog
And this GNR EP? I don't think Hanoi rocks
And I don't want your Paul Stanley next to my Subhumans gatefold
( Edith Frost EP )

My god insane
He makes me say
The strangest things
The meanest things

My god is blind
He asked me not
To see these things
let me kiss the moon
Fabienne let me kiss

Let me kiss the moon
[available on Children EP only
( Demo EP & IÂ'll Follow You Tonight EP )

After years of having you as a weight on my heart
We've had our last round
Your words are weightless
( desire lines ep )

You can be someone but you can't be me
And I know that somehow I will never be free
Years ago in the darklands I was dressed

Creciendo, ep, ep
Pensando es que, que
En suelo empecé

Estrella y piel
Unicos y cien
Tienes lo que vez

Hablando de, de
( low five ep )

Cut the cord and swing the lead
Failure's fate the one instead
The tidemark's rising

Blossom falls and clouds the air
Powder trails
EP's and a full length later and I still can't let go of you
Precision with incision is a tedious remark

With all the visions of submission

No reruns suppose
But then I lied and we stayed in rewind
And Now I'm broken down
Now I'm broken
Now I'm broken
Now I'm broken

Can't say I was
"Populist" - as well in his class at least
But then came REAL AGE, and for that we all must pay
(and for that we all do pay)

C.r.e.EP. C.R.E.E.P.
( Ancestors EP )

When we go to glory
When our time is over
Will we stand unspoken for
When the light becomes too blinding

When my ancestors come
something to say
Talking to the TeeVee
I'm really gonna blow it away
Blow it away

If you believe in EP King hey
That's okay just do your thing yeah
( Storageland EP )

Where's my heart?
Not on my sleeve
Cut in my throat
A little choke

I don't wear
My heart on my sleeve
It might get caught
"Populist" - as well in his class at least
But then came REAL AGE, and for that we all must pay
(and for that we all do pay)

C.r.e.EP. C.R.E.E.P.
these yahoos

[Count Bass-D:]
Welcome to this little EP right here
We gonna kick it off a little something like this
Straight out the bedroom
( Parts of Human Desire EP )

I don't want to take you home
All the time
All the time
Baby baby can't you see?
You'll get more sleep
Without me
( low five ep )

Unattach to know
Long to be so uninvolved
Try to want to know
How to follow what's being showed
Reserve the right to never tell
Trevor and E.P. would quit fighting long enough and be real quiet
This little song might help ya understand

Long ago in a stable there was a baby being
San Francisco song

( Keep it clean EP - 2004 )

You know I cannot stand your love for alcohol
You're such a tall man but you're looking kind
some years ago our songs were fine. 
And our debut EP was just divine, 
But now a shadow haunts us through and through 
And songs we wrote before you
( pretty deep ep part 2 )

Two days at the end
The light in here is weak
And so I weep

Two hours at the end
The talk in here is cheap
And so I weep

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