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Five o' clock time for me to go so I punched my way out
With a right hook left blow I let them know
I said, see you later coordinator
Until then,
wit' dude
I got Lazy-Boy bank, that's comfort loot
I'm a offense coordinator run n' shoot
You, watch your grill what you ought to do
Fore' your ribs
and a wedding coordinator
And food for the reception, you'll need someone to cater
Did I forget to mention it'll take a couple rings
And of course a P.A. system
wit' dude
I got Lazy-Boy bank, that's comfort loot
I'm a offense coordinator run n' shoot
You, watch your grill what you ought to do
Fore' your ribs
a coordinator
Eh, every girl thinks she's the 100th girl I done slept with
When I ain't even got enough time to check all my messages
Look, I grew up around
Offensive coordinator hater, I read traps

These niggas need naps, they bitches got weave naps
Believe that fuck with my a seeds and you'll get seized,
the hookup on the 'zoid freak coordinator
Bubba, DJ Skill and my boy are-10
Everybody in Seatown and T-Town!
Career coordinators and poverty feeders
Those that know me hear it and fear it
Know it's the truth so they scared to come near it
And you cheer
said fake it till you make it
Niggas dropping everyday
I drop the ball
Then roll the dice
And then they runaway
Like an Offensive coordinator ya I call
Offensive Coordinator running them plays
Running then plays, running them, running them plays
Running them running them plays, running them plays
the schemes like offensive coordinators
I be blocking out the shade like a pair of aviators
Only like to run my mouth because I'm swimming with gators
I got big
... the list
I just put a trillion on my bucket ... the list
And I put it next to Dua Lipa ... ya dig
Ask me what I do ... logistics coordinator
but paper
Flexing this bitch like I'm Schwarzenegger
Killing these niggas the terminator
Official thot coordinator
I don't wanna hear all of that fuck
no Dak

I ain't even a quarterback
& we runnin' Dime
Three dimes, get a nickel back
I don't like the change
I'ma fuck a dime

Front door
Trying it get in
And they say
I gotta pay a fee
Now a days
I come thru the back way
And them
Mafuckers paying me
That’s how you
Level up
and I go way back" I said this afternoon to Coach
He looks like Eric Bieniemy so I call him Coach
Bieniemy's Kansas City's offensive coordinator who
God bless

Doctors nurses PCTs
Thank you God bless
EMT EVS Security
Respiratory techs 
Thank you God bless
Chaplains I see you
Transition coordinators
See the fake shit a mile away 
On my Future, tryna blow a bag today
I got plays to make, no coordinator 
I'm just focused on the grind, uh 
Getting head
navigator, the inter vessel where less is more
Coordinator of the world
Creator of concern, event and discern
A firm consensus to be learned, never earned
of nature (dig)
Get racks, like a morning waiter

Spend racks, and restore the paper (buss it) 
Perhaps I need more than paper
Relax, I'm the coordinator
This purple fox
Long wait for the coordinator

Slow mind

Put the tire in a row
Flames so high i can't see the bullets
Blood in the road
Not worth alot but I'm still diddy boppin 
Even if I stop I'm the top of the rock king 


It's all day my nigga 
Coordinator coming with
feature I'm better without it
Make plays coordinator 
Ain't on no roster 
I smoke like a rastah
Vibe at the casa 
Linguini the pasta 
Live like no manyana
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