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[Phone Rings]
[Mr. Spindel picks it up]
[Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!"
[Student: Whispering] "Hey Mr. Spindel. How's algebra class going?" 
never allow
But they have to allow
Because this pitiful exchange will be the sole high point of our day

I guess I'll keep on chuckling 'til there's
grandmaster the one you'll choose
Cause I'm chuckling I wanna stomp the rest
When I kick it couldn't bore it could only impress
I'm not a Hula-Hoop this
Alive... hahaha (chuckling softly)
Well he trotted back to my house
And he sat beside the telly (oaah..)
With his tiny hands on his tummy
Chuckling away, laughing all day
Chuckling, couldn't do nothing, play it off
"What you bumping? Trunk Muzik? Yelawolf's better", fucking bitch
They want me to flip at the label, but I won't
a good guy."
M2: "He's still wearing the same clothes, and.."
Joe: "Hey, say hello fer me, huh?"
M2: "Hey man, Joe says hi, man."
Joe: [Chuckling] "Right."
the one you'll choose

'Cause I'm chuckling I wanna stomp the rest
When I kick it couldn't bore it could only impress
I'm not a hula-hoop this isn't
and I am chuckling like I'm Porky
Cause you spend all day with her spooning
I spend all night with her forking
There's a one-way ticket to Hell
Kris, that's why I'm the greatest Of all time

[KRS-One - chuckling]
Joe, (I'm) the best!! You must be out ya fuckin mind!

[Hook: Fat Joe]
My mind,
pay me, I'm chuckling, cross-faded in public
Heart racing 'til blunt is lit like, "He don't give a fuck again, right?"

"Hey Thebe, nigga, what's up
were flying like "Ugly Duckling"
This bird wasn't flocking with their feathers, so they were chuckling
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Saying my
to dig out the weak
see you might find comfort in the chuckling heap
but who really wins when you recycle their shit?
Just because it fits, doesn't mean it
Thibo (Yo, last night)
I touched lehodimo (Yo that time)
Ke tshegela ko godimo
Chuckling le badimo
Man, struggling is something we know
From a bambino
a concrete jungle 
As poor and ugly duckling 
You future was totally bungle
And people at you were chuckling

But you turned away 
From the highway to hell
A gorgeous parade
Chuckling man. Crying woman,
Tied in
for disgust and murdering
These muts like a fucking surgeon
Emerging from the dusk in a rush just to crush you vermin
Into dust while I'm chuckling
on and sing along!
Aren't we bridges aren't we bells?
Aren't we chuckling through our curls?
Up to heaven and down to hell
Say it again pal, aren't we
drove through those hills and
Pushed through the storm
Through the blinding white light
Like the smiling dead

Outside they went chuckling
In clouds
they can't relate to me

Chuckling lowly as I turn around the corner
Move it lady (?), make way for the story
I can't see why they don't respond to these
hula here-she-go-a / Hey, Billy Boola
Oh pa coca cola E A O / Your chicka
La da dee dee da

Hang on!
[evil chuckling]
Hang on!

Roll on in
outworn then get torn to shreds
Keep your seductive jargon, I can't hear you, how dare you
Chuckling to myself will I wait by through my rearview

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