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of the Police.
Lee is the third child from her family; she loves soccer and wants to be a footballer, but the circle of her friends isn’t too good, she left home
said – of the last 25
Years the best album of
The past 25 years that I spent a year and a
Half making, out there i was
Exiled from my country, it was
They’re coming to my country, I will never pose a threat to them, I hate xenophobia
What if tomorrow you’re leaving this place for other places?
fresh ideas

The president must not cut the cabinet
And will have people coming to work 
From seven o' clock 
Till maybe five
And have others taking from
Away from the heat of that flame
– Miles Davis

There are two ways of dealing with fear one
Passive, the other active in
The passive mode
We seek
honour kill ladies Slim
Minorities get violated, and that's from the police Slim
It's a dangerous country, nuked up to our ears Slim
Colonized, occupied,
of straw and
patient animals standing around.  The mother nods by the side
of the child.  Suddenly she wakes from her lightish doze, sees
them, shrieks
new folk get me so f**ked up
coming from the ghetto
so watch it when you in tha south
and watch what you say out your mouth
and watch yo step cuz
the ground
Reach up, swing from a cloud with three thousand people around
Evil and vile enough to leap in the crowd
And heave a child in a sinkhole on Cinco
Coming out to dance with other drones who couldn't give a damn
But when the night calls
Redcurrant lipstick with the lights off
Look at all the bottles
others too have fallen from their bayonets and guns.
Such armies are invariably called 'peace keeping forces'.
The hypocrisy is as appalling as it is
How much money does it take to
Really make a full clip? 9
11, building 7, did they really pull it?
Uh, and a bunch of other coverups
Your child's
are their husband and the baby daddy is on child support
Hiding the world from your kid got them under a fort
They tryna kill like it’s a sport
Now, I admit a family member touched me (touched me, touched me, touched me)
From a child to the age 14, yeah
While I laid asleep, took my virginity
the paper didn't burn and you
Can see the cars look like they were from world war 2
All rusted through
There wasnt enough rubble after the fall
of dollars to other countries
When we got kids staying in places that're barely livable
This shit is sad all these homeless people
In the streets with nowhere
you breathed
First coming from the innermost me
Heartbeat and chemistry
cll sound and bumping around
I didn't want to let you go
To share you with
the nerve to talk about embargo from this country
You prosper on private islands, a Mother walks a child hungry
Just to make a line in hopes the monthly
kisses from a few like drake with Madonna
They say I be coming with it, flow full of piranhas
I used to be the hardest dude to find like Osama
They'll be
that from Monday-Sunday
Ain't going back this road is only one way
And these supermodels lining up like a runway
Child's play, keep it going I got plenty
from the gravel roads of the country
I'm in another city getting money
I need a 100 racks full of blue hundreds
I had to find a way to keep it coming
killed my other homie
Streets done took a couple from me
And I come from where it's never sunny
Now I'm moving all around the country 
And I'm touching
a noodle
That likes to doodle
While you play with your kaboodle 
Not a poodle
Just a smitten 
Who hates mittens
For pittance 
Where I’m from it stays
waters in motion, the tide was coming in heavy
I always knew I was chosen to handle whatever chose me
Picking all of my poisons, abandoning my emotions

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