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my fears, but I'm still alive

CRT, that's what I want to be
Buried deep in the ground
CRT, that's what I want to be
Obsolete in your arms

Oh god
of a split-screen CRT

Now the summer's almost over
There's so much left to do

Time moves way too fast for me
Energy swords on Lockout is where I'll be
Time slips
Another episode I'm just a little bit manic
I'm at another crossroads between okay and dramatic
And I'm still getting comfort from the CRT static
A pixelated portrait
A space invaded and you crying
Avoid the CRT
A stranger talking
Who the fuck is she?
We couldn’t
zdmuchnę a nie dowiem się
Już prędzej pięć dwa ale wtedy kto wie nikt

Dla mnie crt dla ciebie oled dla mnie vhs dla ciebie bluray
Ciekawość mnie zżera czym
heads watch ceiling fans from on the floor
Show me something I have never seen before
CRT's show DVDs, sip jasmine tea and wait to lose control
Take my
kind of rad like
CRTs with sadness selling better dreams
All to think of your life but you can't cause she's
Wearing your favorite
Wearing your favorite
to the wife
Been hard to be quiet, they ain't putting me on ice
I done been on eyes
I done been on CRTs, I done been on wides
Used to be outside
Done being
CRT-frames					all of your pain

A haven for angels					A haven for devils
In the heat of the night				in the coldest of nights
collection of dreamers,
miles in the future, they never departed
These niggas ain't solid, they Wallace and Gromit
I came with the static like CRT monitor
If you want smoke in
Half cock!
We were born in this town,
without intention.
We saw you through a CRT.
which was in our hands
I felt as
if it had been
arrayed with CRTs
You'll find a deity with chaos up his sleeve
So be afraid, be afraid, be afraid of me

Demonic choirs glorify my name
(He's going mad
Hanging off the plastic trees
That we planted in our garden
Vepourwave killing dreams
Aesthetisize the deaths of dead celebrities
Rest in
Svarog hodi i svarožići svi
Aš Bjesomar i Črt su prokjeti vrazi
Zato će prit i s nami ostat
Judi moji nemojte molat

Zove te svaki Istrijan
Shout out Maccus
Shout out Brēdland
Take the high road
Back in grade school
I came home to a CRT
Lacking friends so I
Befriended all the miis
CRT fast life
Carpe diem
I feel like the plug, it's my time
Let's run it up, a fixed fight
Loaded trucks, gotta get right
It ain't enough,
a cliche 
I see a  CRT everyday okay
Defuse lose ends this is a counter attack 
Double stakes risk your life 
Test your limits abstract 
Laid back getting
I grew my hair out, I think I was sixteen
My newly gained confidence from being so scene
Updating myspace on a crt screen
Hanging out with some kids
Soft shut down
Hard knock down
VHS and your thought

Like back then
Leaky holes in my shoes
Common start
Now everybody here loses

It's not
Hey, in the modern day
I'm a LaserDisc away
From seeing motion captured memories on
CRT displays
But I can't
Seem to bring the noise
As it exists
And they try to drill my skull, but my mind keeps loomin' on the girl

Dad broke TVs bought CRTs
Sweater vests watch DVR syzygy
Brought white
and a CRT
When nothing could get to me, but a polygon enemy on the screen. yeah

I know I've got to let it go
But I've been up all night, up all night, yeah
We have lost every star in the sky 
God just took a magnet to hard drive 
Or perhaps He degaussed CRT 
Attention span degrades so quickly 

surrounded by rust and bloodstains
Sometimes I can relate cause protagonist shares my first name
The fog is always thicker on CRT than in my brain
The lines

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