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Blog 27  


authoring a blog post or vice-versa?
My blog goes over a lot of the same topics as yours 
And I feel we could greatly benefit from each other
If you are
DY Krazy
Lord, Wop
It's Gucci

I'm praying to the Lord (Lord)
Please keep me out the blogs (The Lord)
Guess He see my heavy heart (Uh)
He gave
He's got his own blog
Some guy on the net thinks I suck and he should know
He's got his own blog

I'm a loser
I'm a poser
Yeah really
It's over
here's a suggestion
Give me just one night, I promise girl that I
I can make you famous
Girl you shine like a star, on them internet blogs
I can
everything I wanted when I wasn't sitting on it

Kings cross hotshot
Jesus Christ on web blog 
Cowboy in a cop shop
Tiger in a drug store 

Days go by
maglioncini degli insorti
Blog rum e cocaina per battere il sistema
Chi salverà

La mia città
La mia città
La mia città

La mia città
La mia città
at the door
And all your streetfighting years
Won't help you anymore

Lead me, guide me home old scatterbrain
Blog it, every smile is wider than the one
I thought you was smart ho
Why you ain't play your part ho?
I bought you a bag and you went put that on the blog ho
I thought you was street my
Need no polar bear to scare me,
No Eskimo to share with me his fate.
Woo! we outta space

No blog-o-sphere to sell me.
No dolphin needs to tell
to shit and we all know that
People freakin' out, like, hit the Prozac
Leon DeChino shorts got all the blogs mad
Well, fuck the internet, and you can
but I work hella harder
And you can write a blog about it

Can't knock the hustle
Can't knock the hustle
Leave a five star review and i'll leave
But enough about him, 
It's her you should keep an eye on.

She makes things, in her downtime, 
From soldered, old computer chips.
And has a blog
Later is now

Lotta Gold on the phone
Dishin' dirt 'til it hurts
Sends 'em all to hell
Stalks their prey every day
Nasty blog, it's a job

All of these people with their misinformation
Must be the truth if it's a blog on the screen
We've got to buy it if it's the latest creation
Salvo mi piel, sabor a miel
Y se que tengo algo que hacer
Algo de blog, rojo carmín
Los para mi sonrisa
La noche es algo solo para mí
Lo puedo
a bloke
You know what they say about girls who smoke

It's festival season and all around the UK
They're herding the fans like cattle
All the blogs are
for the blogs
Yeah, you gotta keep that shit cooler with the sharks
Yeah yeah, wanna be slime you gotta shoot at your door yeah

I scored first
the Gods always God to me
Yeah the broads, yeah the broads always gossiping
And the blogs gon' blog but I'm prospering
Swear to God if I fall to my
wear it if it's in the mall
Seen it on the blog
These motherfuckers cost
Yves Saint Laurent
You can tell by the font
I do what I want
Wake up when
Like many a Mael,
I get angst in my pants.
And goddamn it to hell,
It don't help if I dance.

And you, you're not doing too well.
All the blogs
they talk about me

I got a lil too prissy, I didn't expect y'all twisted tryna get me
But I'm a need that you can gone write y'all blog
I don't need
shoot for the stars
Snatch a nigga chain just to post it on the blog
Assassinate a name, nigga spraying in the dark
Hate you with a passion, but he asking
shoot for the stars
Snatch a nigga chain just to post it on the blog
Assassinate a name, nigga spraying in the dark
Hate you with a passion, but he asking
bist Hipster
Hipster 2.0

Auf Arbeit keinen Bock ah ah

Ich schreib' lieber Fashion Blog ah hah

Skinny-Jeans sind attraktiv, denn ich bin sowas von

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