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of badminton with the local nitty
Can't lie he was shit, so I won the game quickly
Then I ran back to the gaff and sucked my girlfriends titty

Wait pause
Chłopak złoto diabeł blond
Dziewczęta się niecierpliwią
On zaczyna badminton

Raz dwa trzy
Wrócił do miasta
Cztery pięć sześć

Raz dwa
[Chorus X2]
I Play Err thang Video Games To Pretty Ho's Mayne,
To Err thang From Fly Fish to Badminton
Do Err thang From Surfin' to Skiin'
badminton match

If you hit me hard this bird will still float
If your heart is large this little tugboat
Will pull you pull you to where you want to go.
out and this dick is what's attractin' 'em
Even when I pass it to the homies like they Badminton
Now I'm undastandin' why these hoes keep comin' back
inside the ride
Old bitch ain't cook at all
Had to fall back like like baptize, baptism
Back and forth like badminton
Countin' up every last digit
A badminton set, and that's not all
A bag of marbles, a baseball glove
And all the things a boy would love

And Bill was good at every game
Enjoyed them
Tuesday badminton
Dancing on a Friday night
I got ping pong on Wednesday
Needlework on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
With you, with you

Tuesday badminton
Dancing on a Friday night
I got ping pong on Wednesday
Needlework on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
With you, with you
Tell him maybe less badminton more Scrabble Dash
Less Jarts more Rummikub, whatever
Keep the scallywag wrapped up in the subterfuge
Gussied up,
speak Mary Jane, Uzi schießt Heavyweights
Über den Haufen und, während ihr draußen Badminton spielt
Komm ich in Stretch-Limousinen, denn ich hab wie

Et si jamais je vous manque
Je serai au 66 Lost Island

Sur la plage du grand hôtel
Il n'y a plus personne
Les demoiselles rangent les badmintons
have fun
Big gyal call me "Cho!"
Ik ben hier met Stefflon, hmm, ben hier met Stefflon
Zet je ass en ik smash het, net badminton

Bobbel 't, bobbel
jogadas dão pena
A tua cena é badminton
Vim da v-block, implacável
Dou te o link da escrita de kripton
Tinta fraca a fazer print aqui da team que pinta
Olahraga ga ga ga
Olahraga ga ga ga
Olahraga ga ga ga

Ayo bersepeda atau sepak bola
Badminton boleh juga apa saja yang penting
Olahraga ga ga ga
Olahraga ga
Take em back to earth give em a dirt nap.
Got yo mama dusting off her church hat

I heard that. 
I'm Raven I have vision. Its badminton. 
Move out the bingo, move out the stores.
Move out the badminton, open up the doors.
The amateur dramatics will have to go too.
The OAP's tea club
of us are aliens somewhere

Having a great time, love always""

When is she gonna get there?
I wish she wasn't so shy

She didn't play badminton
And it
on the air mat before rap
I had the .44 mag in the velour bag
Bag of bitches had 'em bickerin' and back and fourth
This ain't badminton, I had to admit that
and at the craziest angle, as if he'd stopped there in a hurry. Then my brother saw it outside the place where the swimming pool and the badminton courts are. And later
in 95s damn I bet that's chaos
Life’s about lessons, sit back and watch me teach
Like a game of badminton, I’m so out of reach
I’m at the finish
Je hais les nuits d'autômne
Les gymnases, le badminton
Les chers leaders
Les orchidées de l'éternel

Les centaines de mètres restant à parcourir
Minze und Traube
Frankfurter Eskimo 
Liefer' Schnee, Mexiko
Korruption, Atlético
(?), wie bei Badminton 
Balkan, Sowjetunion
hier am Cappen sind
Sag ein falsches Wort, erh, spiel' mit deinem Kopf Badminton
Fünfundsechzig, Mann, und du weißt, dass wir die Captains sind, erh

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