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Calling all cops and Autobots
I hope that you're still there
Saving victims from the wreckage of our wild affairs
Such wild affairs

Copy all cats
Calling all cops and autobots,
I hope that you?re still there
Saving victims from the wreckage
Of our wild affairs, such wild affairs.

Copy all

Go Autobots
More than meets the eye

Until our darkest hour
The light will save us all
the world? Well, what's it worth?
Emoticons, Decepticons, and Autobots
Who twist the plot?
Who shot the sheriff, then fled to Paris
In the darkest hour,
label's raping you
Transforming your anus like an Autobot
Ass fucking a Cosmonaut
You prolly like it but keeping it lowkey, bottom lock
You hit rock
never pick his shit up out of long term parking

My triple A card has one too many initials
And autobot on the fringe of liquid addiction spinning
Like this

Melodical prodigal flows 
Hypnotical blows to brain pieces
When I reach this pinnacle cynical clinical
Microphone autobots
Like this

Melodical prodigal flows 
Hypnotical blows to brain pieces
When I reach this pinnacle cynical clinical
Microphone autobots
Riding up the block they think I'm moving in the autobot
Hop out, photo op. 
Scan for the cops. 
If they not about light something for the cool niggas
for niggaz slingin cooked up rocks 

To make the prophet, so all y'all crap niggaz need to stop it 

I see my peeps transform like Autobots
Roll... out... we gon
Roll... out we gon
Roll out all that smoke 
Autobots out with windows open 
Roll... out... we gon 
Pull up then roll out on Rainbow
the autobots war made machines.
Start a mosh pit when I get on the stage breaking people loose now we ripping the cage
Start a mosh pit when I get
said with a sneer Mrs P, let's not have any drama,
This is Secure Checkout Auto-Bot 1000, SCAB 1000 if you prefer
You'll be training our customers to use
see we draped up and we dripped out
We're the ones that they talking bout
Get what you want with an open mouth
Autobots know when we rolling out 
my ear
Make the autobot sound every time I shift a gear
Deceptacon sound if I have to kill a deer
That Lime green means it's more than money over here
I gotta get some otter pops
I'm Optimus, I boss around the Autobots
And I bounce in my own crowd
I need to get the fuck out of my hometown
And I
save us all

More than meets the eye
Robots in disguise

Autobots wage their battle
To destroy the evil
Watch how you act 

Fire in the hole stare into the glare 
The flare rips your retina no way to prepare 
For combat cock is sharp a Autobot

Don't get mad when I answer do I vote or not
I don't mess wit none of these bastards, frickin autobots
I don't care if a candidates ass is
car doh' locked
Coppers known to hang out on these kinda blocks
Don't get shot
They say we 3/5ths human, well the rest of me's an Autobot
I'm really
de Yo Yo Ma
Ils oeuvrent sans le soul
Une pièce de automate
Les mots s'assemblent et désassemblent
Optimise Autobot
des mines de plomb en
Over the budget
Gentlemen, we're all players of the game

I was an Autobot type of guy, I hated Megatron
Now I drink gin and my best friend's
And not fell out of the clouds like a paradox
Landed on my feet like an Autobot
Feelin' so gifted, wet from the rain, hands' blistered
Sometimes it feels so
Go cock every time a car stop, crib like a car lock, I got
Shit to transform like an Autobot
House, whip, and the ice in my watch off of crack rock

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