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The Dead 60s  


Lay me back

your system's built like that.

60's girl in her tunnel of love
Sexy motorola
60's rambler rollin' around
60's slim solid gold
Folk of the country is the folk of the 60's
And don't grow a beard- they'll call you a hippie

I wear a construction, lumber jacket and shirt
And I
don't need an upgrade (to be happy)
I don't need looks that won't fade
I don't need to get paid (to be happy)

Hippies in the 60's
Wore flowers in
on and on again
Where I want to be alone
While I'm drinking
While I'm watching

I'm watching
I'm watching
I'm watching
I'm watching
60's t.v. 

in our pockets in our pockets
It's a shame but we could all stop it
Tell a neighbor tell a friend it ain't a 60's thing
We still need a little help
Try to make us be a victim, they gon' riot like the 60's
Ain't no love in my city, blood on my city
Shell from them slugs in my city, hol' up
in the 50's and 60's
It became "the black american dream."
Open housing paved the way as middle-class blacks flooded into the city
Whites don't buy
feel like an outlaw without a past
I was the culprit in a popular movie
To hang out on what's left from the 60's
Let's pick it up where we left

New 600 cocaine white
New Air Ones wants cocaine white
I knew I'd blow propane light
But you know a nigga been nice
60's cocaine white

Johnny get ready and go ska tonight 
Early Jamaican 60's to the late 70's 
Johnny be good in a big ole 

Let's rocksteady 
And do on et
Exposure breeds discovery in the modern world
The 60's hairdos 90's eyes are just flashing lights
A touch of neon hinting class for the modern night
The streets we're runnin' with blood
Now there ain't no one to trust
You're a 60's baby
And nothin's alright
Born in the age of disco junk
Mommy liked
pick and choose from the boys 
You could have it made, you shone so bright 
Before he made you fade 

She lost her nerve
For a 60's moment 
to be
What that makes me

I like a 60's truck
The kind that's solid steel
The kind that always runs
It takes a man to turn that wheel

If that
Yesterday is gone,
There's just today — No tomorrow.
Yesterday is gone,
There's just today — No more ...

Now it's Andy Warhol's time
Mystic 60's
you're a movie star
A billion dollar deal
With all those fancy cars
Tell me how it feels

With the 90's rollin' in the wind
The 60's driftin' back again
One two three four five six seven eight
I am the raping sunglass gaze
Of sweating man and escort agencies
60's Alienation the anthem of care
think we dropped the baton like the 60's didn't happen. Oh no.

Periscope up
Should be looking for a ladder
I need to see the Commander in Chief
It spirals and turns
I, I believe in love

Don't believe in the 60's
The golden age of pop
You glorify the past
When the future dries up

I suppose you could blame it on my generation
Chickens from the 60s finally comin into roost
I've been sayin it myself for over thirty years
It spirals and turns
I, I believe in love

Don't believe in the 60's
The golden age of pop
You glorify the past
When the future dries up
The 60s came I ? scary and the parents the ? 

I don't know why, I'm not sure how
I wined up here to the here and the now
He don't know why, he's not
the language of the dead
Antiquated murmurs maybe dylan might've said
Well I'm not so self assured
I can barely sing a word

Fads of the 60's and the 19th
to get her back
So we can set her free

I used to know a place like 5th avenue in the 60s
I used to know a face, I heard they took the city
I heard they

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