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like the brain 

show 'em what you mean 

(Lee Majors 3rd verse) 

face to face 

the mics embraced 

tracks is laced 

if I ruled
speakin' 3rd person
'Cause you walked the shoes of a happy mason
Its your first or last name on the affidavit
Only way to get it was to boss up
Now a days
the label I searched
I slipped and I tripped for the pop, it didn't work

So now I take the stage of my what? 3rd comeback
Now I know the tricks of the trade
self you ain't scared when I run in 
your chick I ain't bout no games woady its your life or yo bitch
Apologize when I pass by bootin my grill
no craze
Cause I know you've known my man's since 3rd grade, I stayed
Pure through his whores and tore's, overseas
You and me, too long
a 3rd consecutive term
A nurse who doesn't do enemas
Permanent henna
a surfer that catches more waves then your current antennae does
Sureā€¦I make it
On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia
From the poppy an extraction
Called Criddacktonite
Conceived as a weapon backed by the Supremacy
di DJ a utter, mi halla 
Chevelle now or forever yuh halla 


Verse 2: 
Contest a gwaan fi di dancehall queen 
Who a wear di crown nuh
Oh one time they threw buck out the 3rd story window he landed on the ground *thud* that cat was stiiiill goin jack! haha We were all goin "GOO AHEEAD
ready fi this
Mr. Lover keep yuh rockin di beat

I said hey (Hey) you (You) standin over there by that wall
Get (Get) up (Up) do your thing
"     Chapperita and ting

Fifty man dead for this golden chain
each link forged by a poor mans claim
mined from below with sweat and fear
mi know 
Jah children surround row by row 
And dem a listen to mi tune pon radio 
And dem tell me say dem love damage video 
Every rhythm whey mi
The general come round

The general come round
Come round, come round, come round
Nuh make me wait when mi come fi mi crown
The city hot like a Kingston
the media was focused/ On the words by Kanye/ What
Was it I just heard the President's Mom say?/ People here
Are frustrated/ Still got a long way/ Fed up but
called, Edutainer 
You'll find the law of balance on the two turntables 
So look out for the FRESH Edutainer label 

Biddi-by-by, by
is, the crown of rhyme supremacy you're tastin
And yes, before the flavor hits your greedy tongue
You get ripped up by KRS-One
Now, lyrics, somebody
it's Kingston town

Some man have no manners, steal an try fi beg a thing
If you no drop no green, a straight up dissing ting
Sun a bun traffic, it's
it's Kingston town

Some man have no manners, steal an try fi beg a thing
If you no drop no green, a straight up dissing ting
Sun a bun traffic, it's
to get me
Shoes and a gown and crown to give me
Satan try to bring us down but miss me

God rules everything around me
Can't nobody clown or diss me
Prepin' the beatin' the mic for a threesome
With my vocal's bi-coastal, speakin' til their eyes totaled
Mr wi-fi, out a franchise go to
ain't sequel the playa moves on me makin' pay
Sayin' what I want to man, cause I'm backed up by a crew
Down wid me to clown wid me, what Flizy got work

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