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jukin' babe
Drink a lil' somethin', sing a lil' somethin'
And roll out babe
Let's get up on a room
Gonna make you scream like Michael Jackson
Eh eh
Michael Jackson Bad

All de manz dem trips every time they walk by
Yes me blow dem a kiss and I tell dem bye bye
Come in know say that you neva seen a gyal
like Michael Jackson and "Remember the Time" (Do you remember?)
Put on your dancin' shoes or somethin cause you sure can't rhyme

(Big up, big up!)
this a risky buissiness
A No Limit Souldier
Commanderin' Cheif
An' Michael Jackson
Can't rock a muthafuckin' party like me
I'm bumpin' for the real
It's going down [x2]

No lights, no camera, but lots of action 
No moonwalkin backwards, kid, like Michael Jackson 
Strictly funk flows
called “Bad,”
Just like Michael Jackson, this next part is rad
“Weird Al” made fun of “Bad,” and Nirvana too
It brings us back to Kurt (here we go)
Yo Paul
It's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know he's not thrilled about the video
What, does he want to be startin'
to the Future 2
Daniel Day Lewis

You know it when you see it
You know it when it's there
Like Michael Jackson Thriller
Like Farrah Fawcett
Back to the Future 2
Daniel Day Lewis

You know it when you see it
You know it when it’s there
Like Michael Jackson Thriller
Like Farrah
western armies

to the left two bored men discuss suicide by drum solo

serious songs jesus christ
once a year or maybe twice

your son looks like
past the bouncer with the stun gun
I gots to get some lyrics off my chest so let me run one
Cause who's bad? not Michael Jackson when I asked him
Bloody ink on my past spelled suicide,
Michael Jackson even passed could you scrutinize?
Fuck Illuminati lies, sayin’ lucified,
Baptised in
Like I'm James Brown or Michael Jackson
You came in set off a chain reaction
I can't control my two feet
You sure know how to move me
Gordy, Nat Turner
Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby
Cuba Gooding Jr., **** Gregory
Chris Tucker, Langston Hughes

Reverend Al Sharpton, Katherine Dandrige

It's time that I take advantage, take command yo 

Cops caught me red-handed 

Blood On the Dance Floor 

or was it Michael Jackson
to the other side
And I didn't even have to die
Got the money and I never show it
Let a nigga try to play heroic
Michael Jackson talkin' to me in my dreams

The late Michael Jackson doing the moon walk on the telly
And I was like "who's bad?"
Sitting there smoking, sipping MD 20/20 thinking I was
with no problemo
Iceberg rabbits and the fox and more
Where I coped two more brought four for RZA
Bad Boy thank you for this special delivery
the baddest doesn't matter when your life is had 
So let Michael Jackson be Bad
No time to devestate, we gotta elevate 
To a higher level.. than dancin with
at the same damn time (Remix)
Selling white selling mid at the same damn time
Fucking 2 bad bitches at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same
I'm talking Grants and Jacksons
Swear it took a whole hour just to count the Jackson's (hey)

[Chorus: x2]
of the action 
Man they start rememberin more times than Michael Jackson 

But I can't fade to the tag-alongs 
That want me to drag em on 
Frontin like
Bloody ink on my pad spelled suicide
Michael Jackson even passed cause you scrutinized
Fuck illuminati lies, say I'm lucified
Baptized in
I know, I don't even care about her being preganant by Michael Jackson
You know what we should do
We should go get her album when it comes out
like the S1's, cause my crew carry big guns
to blow up, anybody in the range
And plus I'm bad as Michael Jackson, even though he +Dangerous+
E Double