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of fame
I have met a whole lot of nice people and I think
I've had my 15 minutes of fame
I think
There's no Mafia lawyer
to fight in your corner
for that 15 minutes of fame
The have and the have nots are bleeding in the tub
That's New
his 15 minutes of fame
Ticking steadily away was being fuzzy about crucial events
Which had happened a year earlier- what a flake
But then who isn't
the clouds
Everybody wants their claim to fame
I'll get mine, you'll want yours just the same
Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame
But the price tag
Searching for 15 minutes of fame
You can feed me shit
Staple my stomach, walk on glass
I'll take any risk
I'm so desperate I'll do anything
who's only goal is to get that golden ring upon their hand
In the middle of nowhere there's a nobody tryin' to get that 15 minutes of fame
anything to get ahead 
          She doesn't care if she has to scratch and claw to get in the door 
          She wants her 15 minutes of fame and 20
minutes of fame
With nothin' gained and nothin' left to lose
My only chance was you
And here you come again
to find your 15 minute fame
I hear it happens everyday
In the obituary
Simple dream to a hooker on the street
Kept alive by her apathy
Started with
just get bored
Of losing at the same old game?
We had our 15 minutes of fame

We took it all the way
You can't say we didn't try

So why I don't
15 minutes of fame
14 months of morphine
13 â?¦ of mercy
12 traps of Israel
11 stars of Joseph
10 commandments
9 moons of Jupiter
sick and tired of all 
These wack bands all sound the same. 
I should have rented your name, 
I'm ending your 15 minutes of fame. 
I'm here now...
to wind the clock back and keep my 15 minutes of fame
Knowing every second that the clock ticks a million other people trying to take my spot and get in
don't know, don't know
Why you would give it all away for just 15 minutes of fame
Why would you try to start a fire, I can't dodge, I don't know
And I
That there's more to life than just money and the need for greed
Where will you go when your 15 minutes of fame 
Are up and you're outside
ever utilized their 15 minutes
of fame to realize their true dreams of being an
absolute jerk off, just to keep the masses entertained
This goes out
a change
Everybody's in the club trying to make it rain
But not for famine just for the sake of having
15 minutes of fame and everywhere's the same
find, brave together
Uninspired in spite of the fires
Reverie's dead
Love from my home, my family, where I'm from
For 15 minutes of what fame? Love
concerned with material
Me the rebel allie to crush the imperial, burnin' down your ministerial
You the 15-minutes-of-fame rap act
Me the heavy handed MC
a change
Everybody's in the club trying to make it rain
But not for famine just for the sake of having
15 minutes of fame and everywhere's the same
of the twisted bitches challengin' scrubs
I had a bitch expose me on MediaTakeOut
And after her 15 minutes of fame was up
She hit my phone back apologizin',
than 10 or 15 minutes
Man, (yeah) it's just not enough
To qualify you for

Fame, they're already settin' up, settin' up your own Watergate, Watergate
Hey what's the matter wit' you guys back there,
You sure look beat or somethin', you been knockin' yourselves out?

We want a 15 minute intermission
you're living a lie
The more you want
The less that you receive
And they will adore you

And they will hear you cry out
I want my 15 minutes

My 15 minutes

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