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throughout my life those are the rules that I've lived by
A sucker put his hands on me homie I'll give a guy
A jab, jab, jab, uppercut, jab
Get 'em a steaks
hiciste cabron?
Coyote, man what have you done?
You took all our money and left us to die
In the heat of the South Texas sun.
Coyote, qué hiciste
School is out, where to now?
I’m packing up, heading south
One last box, one last look around
I remember being so excited
Brand new friends that
travel down highway 101, the scenic route
Perceiving the beautiful things that you might dream about
When you think of California, the landscape will
We'll say "no man!
But you can do the job when you're in town"
Later on we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire
To face unafraid, the plans that
Wanting something in return, don’t want your help
The realest shit I ever wrote, the realest shit i ever felt
Man, I'm from the South, I ain’t
original slangster
Lost Angels, Atzlan to beautiful danger
Call my travel agent, have her arrange
South America, South Africa and Southeast Asia

Then back
There's a greyhound bus
Leavin' the great Northwest
Takin' her tonight
Back down south to Texas
She's been dancing' on tables
To pay rent and be
Half a blunt hangin' out my mouth
Speedin' like a demon on 101 south
I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut
Ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up
Trying to rape the industry, like Dame Dash and Jigga
Jeah I'm truly blessed, by the man up above
And he showing nothing but love, for his son
and some friends on an ocean-liner ship
She made a big mistake by leaving me home
I had to roam so I picked up the phone
Dialed Ali up to see what was
My mother went away for a month-long trip 
Her and some friends on an ocean-liner ship 
She made a big mistake by leaving me home 
I had to roam
and channels; desert rats and camels, reptiles and mammals 

Stand wisdom Daniel, and man who is Samuel 

Ezekiel's gonna overthrow in trees in hills
down by the fire side
Didn't seem to mean much the next day
A bottle rocket blew up
A bunch of people threw up
I looked at my man Eeno and this is what
and beautiful
Pale and frail, with many male admirers
I was promised by my father a retainer for a partner
So loyal that nothing could divide us

Shocked by
Man I'm the gift of change
Electric stoves so give me the keys to the Range
Shagadelic, beautiful but strange
Went to Magic City saw Nikki and Blue
I'm not gunna pull this off man without signing the dots
This is too sensible for me man
How you gunna have a dream come true ?

[verse 1]
I used
to a hundred and eighty,
I shall never forget what they mean.

(for there is surely nothing more beautiful in this
World than the sight of a lone man facing
filed, makeup made
We can shock South Beach, shake up Dade
In a drop top Phantom with the Drakov blades
I'm a stop by the barber, you can hit the shops
Tryin' to show you somethin', shorty
Hey, baby girl, they say the world is a beautiful place, that's right
I'm tryin' to help you open
this south is sho' nuff trill, now shit
When we on your side of town, we don't ask why
We abide by the rules that why'all live by
And see, you're
a millionaires fantasy
With phantoms and Ferrari's in the driveway
But you see I came and exchanged of a sane man's sanity,
Your vision jaded by the Grammy's
Ready to call Earl, it's your world, black man
Them devils can't stand how we makin moves, smooth
Avoidin legal hassles goin unseen
Like the hand that
swear it was love at first sight
Now I seen her with a man being dragged by her hand
And it seemed he was beatin' her dead
What a beautiful face with
Woo, oh, she looks so beautiful, don't you agree?
Girl, you know what I think you should do right now?
You should just take off all of your

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