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Popping That Corona, written by Perfection

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I write Pop, Rap, and music that goes well with trance and electronic music.

March 9, 2020
Popping That Corona, written by Perfection
In at the crib sipping on this Corona, COVID-19 everywhere will I even be going to work

I don’t know what will happen I can’t tell, will there even be any toilet paper on these Walmart shelves,

Corona Corona, We Poppin dat Corona 4x

As I walk to my car on the street I see a beautiful girl walking cautiously, Is it because of my skin color or simply because I don’t have a mask on me?

I say hey “whats up why you gotta do me like that” she says “ hey I don’t know you like dat”

I say “whatever with yo ugly ass. you be still hooking up with broke ass fools even before this quarantine began,”

In fact, I don’t even know why I even tried to talk to you anyways, You think your hot shit but I’m sure you didn’t even wear your gloves on today,

Better stay outta my sight lady or I will end you, like this dam corona virus in China’s heirloom.

Corona Corona, We Poppin dat Corona 4x

As I pass my local barber store I look to get a quick haircut, but as I look closely at the sign it says they closed up, 

Man I cant deal with this corona shit I need a hit,
I’mma go home poppa corona and play Madden real quick,

Corona Corona, We Poppin dat Corona 4x

Written by: Perfection

Submitted on: August 05, 2020

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