III. Face Wap. Stabbing Maria. Duplex


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Chya, Wap!
Uuuh, ya know, ay this beat kinda... kinda reminds me of candy
Not that Aaron Carter shit though... I want candy
Face Wap, get that guap, I do this non-stop

I'm the kind of guy that always will come through
If a damsel in distress then I rescue
Her, stick to my word when I preach like a Jesuit
Look snazzy in my best suit just to impress you
Come and take a ride inside my mind, I got the best view
My feline is divine she the shit, no restroom
Touching on her spine when she lies in my bedroom
I'll f*ck her to sleep then time to grind on the next tune
Working so damn hard I don't know when I'll get my next snooze
Family has been telling me I need to get some rest soon
If I take a break then it's not that long before I resume
Tryna contemplate outer space till I can play a show on Neptune
G is a Jesus gone genius, if you sneeze I don't bless you
Ain't easy to appease my piece of mind, I'm incredible
Released three CD's in three seasons, don't let me catch you
And you shouldn't really speak to me unless I let you
(Wait Nick, come talk to me! Well, alright. You see the thing is...)

This music's more than a job, I gotta make my revenue
If you're a part of my squad then I got the best in you
If you ask me to lend a hand then I send two
You even look at us wrong things gon' get complex dude
I can kick an ass, don't make me scuff my dress shoe
If you slack, nap and puff I can get the best of you
It's when the going gets rough, it's important how you press through
And if the gas pedal stuck, punch the clutch, let the rev (vroom)
Nicholas is sick like syphilis, spit like the chest flu
A symptom in my system different than cardiac arrest
I can never stop because I have rent that is due
I think it's obvious that I could teach a lesson or two
Having a lack of passion does not rest with me
Dedication and practice the motherfucking recipe
Whack rappers who half ass their craft do not mess with me
I hack blasphemy, you bastards shall rest in peace
Pressure's on my shoulders pressing heavily
Bench press the world's weight with my pecs I got reps in me
Repetition of beats in the shade makes my skin shade mostly ghostly and Gastly like Emily
What's up Em? Remember when I used to uh, get drunk in your basement?
Ay what's up L.P. I see you... Glover what's up girl?

Exercising my rhymes like I'm burning calories
I got plenty of energy for my mouth to feed
I'm out here calling shots as if I am a referee
And if you disagree with me I'll hex a fleet as a Calvary
Better watch your mouth cause I knock out for foul speech
Talking shit is bowel, I'm a towel to come sweep
It's actually better for me with less emcees to compete
So keep talking shit while I'm thinking out the cubby
I never-ever-ever-ever had an ounce of doubt in me
I'm spending time like money and my wage is hourly
I'm clever cause I stay grounded after an ounce of tree
Take a breath of Sour D, work all night I got owl sleep
I drive my neighbors bat shit in the 14th Alley
My window is a free show for that bad bitch from Cali
She got an ass in the past tense, I think her name is Allie?
I rhyme with mathematics, Please Pardon My Dear Aunt Sally
Wap! Wap! Wap!
I'm just talking 'bout that Face Wap
This ain't that Snapchat face swap
I'm just talking 'bout that Face Wap
The ladies love it when that bass pop
That's why I kick it like it's Neymar
The dudes all rock it like Aesop
I'm just talking bout that Face Wap
Turn this music to a paid job
I'm just talking 'bout that Face Wap
This ain't that Snapchat face swap
I'm just talking 'bout that Face Wap
The ladies love it when that bass pop
That's why I kick it like it's Neymar
The dudes all rock it like Aesop
I'm just talking bout that Face Wap
Turn this music to a paid job

Music into a paid job
Amused and kicking it like Pedja or Neymar
I do this past when your day stop
It's that wap, Face Wap

Stab! Stab, s-st-s-st-stab, stab, stab!
Stab, stab stab! Yee! Haha! Ay...

All of my bitches are down with the suction
I am the kid, which you do not come f*ck with
Known to bust quick with my wits in the function
My homies get lit listening, piffing and puffing
My licks and my kicks are a bit unaccustomed
The trick is don't quit till you're living above 'em
Example of this is my cousin named Cullen
If not about Nick, well it is not for discussion
Lo siento Aubelita, I'm about to start cussing (Heito!)
Kids on the creep up, give a f*ck if they love him
I'm blowing out kief, G will blow out your speakers
My shit's underground so I know that they dug him
G needs no Z's, then repeat, it is nothing
Epiphany's, I got me an abundance
No gluten, no cheese, what the f*ck is y'all touching?
Pizza and beats so my money stays doubling, yee!

Coming around, ay
I don't really know about this hook...
But I got so many lines I could probably write a book
Ay look, ay look, ay look, ay! Ay!

I do this shit, I am zeal and I'm zealous
Punks get mad cause I'm real and they're jealous
Middle finger up how I feel when I tell this
N-I-C-K-Y plus a G is how you spell it
I got words and a torch and I'm lit just like Ellis
Working to afford all the shit I embellish
It's worth to not snore for the crisp in the lettuce
I f*ck with myself and that's incest, no fetish
They think they the shit but they shooting straight pellets
Throw around rhymes in lines just for hell of it
Honest, truth is they sound like impediment
They may make a statement but their case is irrelevant
The base of my skin shade is melanin
Crazy the same shit is inside an elephant
If that's why you hate you're not made for intelligence
I hope you never make a baby, hope you stay celibate
This shit is in my bones, the rungs of my skeleton
I get good dome, I'm well hung by the membranous
Kiss the microphone, someone go remember this
I'm coming for the throne, go run and tell a bitch, ah!

I'm Stabbing Maria
I'm back with the ether
I'm blasting my speakers
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
I'm passing the reefer
I'm basking in weed air
I'm masking the reaper
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
I'm snatching the bleached hair
I'm smacking her kiester
She asks me to not to leave here
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
Classic cause G rare
I drastically prepare
You have to be scared
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
Snap, clap, whap, beat up
Snap, clap, whap, beat up

Young villain stepping in...
Macking on a bad one, a grad from Mullen
Asked me if I had a mattress to let her roll in
Masked from a flask, told her "ride it like it's stolen"
Then she got grabby, said "I like it when you're swollen"
Switched my position, all of the sudden
Friction from my piston in her hip made a clap
Twisted and lifted her leg, she was cumming
Cell division on a vixen, started mixing a new track
There's things I gotta have, gotta grab, gotta pull in
I gotta get this cash, get it fast like a bullet
I'm a king, gotta brag, got a stature on a pulpit
I think I got 'em mad, well I bash your fucking skull in
You say you're doing big shit? I can smell a lie
Yeah I got a big (Nick!), no need to televise
They get so surprised, they close their eyes
Like an open mic, they like to improvise
Damn the kid so wise and the dick so wide
My skin so light and my (Hey!) ain't nice
The kid so hype and ya clique don't like
I don't pick no fights goodnight, goodnight, goodnight...
Shhh, go to sleep
Shhh, hush, hush
Manush, manush

Make a dog follow you, a woman should fall in love
Parents birthed a god, how do you expect to follow up?
Spread love, with a head up
Focused on their dollar up
And not afraid to step up
I got all of the above
Never really stall, I smell the cake
Like urinal, stand up straight
You're in awe
Peep over my wall, you see a snake
The one in my drawls and the one I contemplate
Cuffed a couple girls in college, good knowledge...
They go off to sleep, I got beats to polish
Cuff a couple girls in college, good knowledge...
Ass is hydraulic, my track still get polished
My moral of the story is I'm focused
Kill 'em with kindness, I'm hella nice
Pouring in the glory o

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Written by: Nicholas Gallegos

Lyrics © DistroKid

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    III. Face Wap. Stabbing Maria. Duplex

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