The Love Still Remains Lost (feat. Adil, Drewseph & Vxn Dxtxh)

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I said the love, it don't live here, it's crippled in a wheelchair
Mic check, one two
I said the love, it don't live here, it's crippled in a wheelchair
Uh huh
My nigga Yoska
On the boards
This the real spill
Talk to them dun
You remind me of the times when I never lacked on myself
I know your struggle's real, I couldn't sit and ask you for help
Like are you shittin' me? You should be sittin' askin' yourself
Like the imagery that's suitin' your needs actually helps
I've been chewed up, spun out, left inside of the mud
It's not my fault you can't make blessings outta your love
I'm goin' high and above
Struggle is where I'm from
The hustles what I've become
Ain't nothin' to be the one
I was twelve, runnin' away from my demons, pointin' the gun
What's the hold over? Gettin' pulled over from nine to one
I would rap till my voice start hurting, sorcerer tongue
Spread fire on the mic with a torch and it burst a lung
I feel disregarded, switchin' to a victim, hit a different target
Empty as a cell in a prison, but yet they still rewarded
TV screens blast pictures wicked and gettin' morbid
Still screaming
Lookin' like where's Waqar when you need him?
In my head, daydreamin'
I go to war with my demons
Since a kid, I imagine the sea and sharks in the deep end
Told me pay homage?
I'ma supply dollars to islands
With the way I'm movin', they couldn't front like I be stylin'
In these streets wildin', thinkin' of ways to eat while I dream dollars
As the role models I follow would only speak knowledge
Need guidance, always stay talkin', I like to keep silent
In my department, it's only Spartans, we was raised violent
Told em' we not the same, cause I'm different than you
We playin' checkers, I play chess, that's why I'm thinkin' it through
Make it fizzy every time, I mix the gin with the juice
Your life a hoose, I know you're lyin' when you say it's the truth
I see a lion in the mirror every time that I look
So take a journey through my mind and find it's leavin' you shook
Rewind the beats to play it back until I'm findin' a hook
This is the chronicles, you witnessin' the life of a crook
There is no honor in just givin' up and livin' so indecently
These voices in my head are comin' true and tryin' to speak to me
Livin' on the edge, you'll witness things that you don't need to see, I looked at where I've been and it showed me right where I need to be
Please believe the truth that I tell, son, I am warnin' you
Make the right moves in this life, do what you oughta do
Dancin' with the devil in strife, what does he offer you?
Never sell your soul for a price, make it impossible
Aiyyo, it be a so-called brother, leave you dead in that ditch
Eye on your breath, price in your head and lead to your chick
Our race dying from the pettiest shit
They take iron, blaze firing, make tyrants off emptying clips retaining violence? That's the devil's work
An angel's guidance even never works
These nations become divided when that tec'll burst
Yo, what is this metal worth that's in the meta-earth?
My head hurts from hearin' megahertz, yo
Searchin' for better, yet it's gettin' worse,
Presently, I exert the force of its life-like energy
With hindsight memory
Beyond the right identity
It should be a crime of how I sentence, from the phlegm to the head of me
These gems that I send to thee, are from the soul
Cause I blend energy
Perceptibly, I'm in control, they tried endin' me
Forgetting me as a whole, with halves and quarters
Pretended to be my greatest foe, with a lasting disorder
And in order to be successful in the game, you gotta grind
When the sun don't shine
When the pork turn to swine
There's a lot of bullshit that's out here, that's on my mind
Like, why the f*ck I can't get this in real-time?
That's okay, though
I'ma be great, yo, despite the hate
I'ma give my mom a crib that's overlooking the lake
I'ma get her a bigger house and estate
All you niggas that talk back on me dog?
Go and watch your fate, motherfucker
My heart's in the basement, my weekend's at an all-time low
I'm Ziggy-started, shit the hardest when I'm writin' flows
Y'all are bitin' flows, but mine are bitin', yo
Yeah, I'm lighting it with writin'
My lines are strikin' bro
I'm gettin' wasted
Don't got much choices
Don't see no faces
Just hearin' voices
And they're all hatin'
They say I'm pointless
What I've been chasin's, left me rejoiceless
Guitar hero, 24-7
Used to be y'all's hero
Lately, I just been forgettin' as I ride away
Livin' somewhere south of heaven
Take it day by day, just dealin' with depression
Shot after shot, guess I'll never learn my lesson
Goin' shot for shot, is my mental state lessons
But, spittin' with Adil, got me wishin' for that feel
When I was itchin' for a deal
Hungry for a clout, never was skippin' meals
And all that evergreen we were envisionin' the mil's
And just livin' in the hills
Now, life is rough, yeah, shit is really real
Love don't live here
Hate is what my heart is filled with
Shit, bitch, what you spit is whack
And it hurt when I heard it from Big Mac
He said, your potential is crazy, but would you quit being lazy?
It opened up my eyes and now I'm Slim Shady
Yeah, give em' the shot, they tripped, then they droppin' the ball, funny how they stand tall when they watchin' you fall
I won already, they was plottin' to draw
Black hoodie, black shoes, black mask
They won't stop em' at all
I studied the game
Before you niggas muddied my name
I feel numb for them times, this was nothin' but pain
Tried to stay calm, I ain't always bloody my blade
No more hands out, cause, nigga, I just wanna get paid
I watch shit, we was young, it was nothin' to save
Let the lyrics shake the ground, it'll f*ck up your grave
Them stomach pains, niggas hunger for days
It was nothin' to praise
That's real shit, I'm really stuck in my ways
Roll a four, five, six, then get stacks on a strip
Walkin' between life and death like the Lazarus chick
I'm more refined, n iggas way more savage with this
My feet on ground, shaky, nigga, I could happen to slip
I play the shadows in a cup
My name Grim, but I was rappin' with a dutch
Spit heroine, happens rapid with a rush
Fate in my face so close that I could grab it with a touch
Make a mistake, then niggas become stagnant with a crutch
I happen to shine
Race done, I'm passin' the line
I'm fully aware, that I could grow in half of the time
You niggas couldn't f*ck with me, if you actually tried
This a war, we survivors
You the casualty side, my nigga
I said the love it don't live here
It's cripped in a wheelchair
I still hear my honest thoughts
They honesty are real clear
They told me don't keep givin', if they don't pour back
I'm barely livin', keep takin' out, when I should just stack
They puttin' on acts, dog, so why should I?
A lot of times I gave out
Took out my last, when I really just trying to grind
Lost money tryin' to please those, who don't respect me
When I die, those same people will say, he was a blessing
They say he was a blessing
Until he learned his fucking lesson
Word born nigga

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Written by: Amazi Browning, Drew Seph, Gevon Wright, Nisar Adil

Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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