Concepts Album

Various Artists

About Concepts

This Concepts album was released in 1992 and featured titles like My Funny Valentine, The Girl Next Door and A Foggy Day from Frank Sinatra.
11Frank Sinatra2:31 
12Frank Sinatra2:38 
13Frank Sinatra2:39 
14Frank Sinatra3:10 
15Frank Sinatra2:55 
16Frank Sinatra2:54 
17Frank Sinatra1:58 
18Frank Sinatra3:05 
19Frank Sinatra3:15 
110Frank Sinatra2:28 
110Frank Sinatra2:28 
111Frank Sinatra2:31 
112Frank Sinatra2:14 
112Frank Sinatra2:17 
113Frank Sinatra2:14 
114Frank Sinatra2:24 
115Frank Sinatra2:26 
116Frank Sinatra2:09 
217Frank Sinatra3:00 
218Frank Sinatra3:30 
219Frank Sinatra3:42 
220Frank Sinatra3:42 
221Frank Sinatra2:49 
222Frank Sinatra3:24 
223Frank Sinatra2:48 
223Frank Sinatra2:48 
224Frank Sinatra3:10 
225Frank Sinatra2:35 
225Frank Sinatra2:35 
226Frank Sinatra3:17 
227Frank Sinatra2:59 
228Frank Sinatra3:46 
229Frank Sinatra2:42 
230Frank Sinatra2:57 
231Frank Sinatra3:05 
232Frank Sinatra3:35 
333Frank Sinatra2:56 
334Frank Sinatra2:35 
335Frank Sinatra2:18 
336Frank Sinatra2:48 
337Frank Sinatra2:28 
338Frank Sinatra3:56 
339Frank Sinatra2:42 
340Frank Sinatra2:40 
341Frank Sinatra3:42 
342Frank Sinatra2:30 
343Frank Sinatra4:24 
344Frank Sinatra3:06 
345Frank Sinatra2:53 
346Frank Sinatra2:42 
347Frank Sinatra2:46 
347Frank Sinatra2:46 
560Frank Sinatra3:37 
561Frank Sinatra4:21 
562Frank Sinatra2:41 
563Frank Sinatra3:20 
564Frank Sinatra3:34 
565Frank Sinatra4:51 
566Frank Sinatra3:38 
567Frank Sinatra2:58 
568Frank Sinatra3:13 
569Frank Sinatra3:48 
570Frank Sinatra3:25 
571Frank Sinatra4:11 
572Frank Sinatra4:00 
574Frank Sinatra3:08 
675Frank Sinatra4:00 
676Frank Sinatra2:29 
677Frank Sinatra3:10 
677Frank Sinatra3:10 
678Frank Sinatra2:24 
679Frank Sinatra2:21 
680Frank Sinatra2:38 
681Frank Sinatra3:25 
682Frank Sinatra3:23 
683Frank Sinatra3:54 
684Frank Sinatra2:23 
685Frank Sinatra2:04 
686Frank Sinatra3:22 
687Frank Sinatra3:52 
688Frank Sinatra2:36 
689Frank Sinatra2:50 
689Frank Sinatra2:50 
690Frank Sinatra3:16 
791Frank Sinatra2:01 
792Frank Sinatra3:28 
793Frank Sinatra2:18 
794Frank Sinatra3:11 
795Frank Sinatra3:00 
796Frank Sinatra3:29 
797Frank Sinatra2:44 
798Frank Sinatra2:24 
798Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald2:24 
799Frank Sinatra2:06 
7100Frank Sinatra2:35 
7100Frank Sinatra2:34 
7101Frank Sinatra2:51 
7102Frank Sinatra2:31 
7103Frank Sinatra2:37 
8105Frank Sinatra3:28 
8105Frank Sinatra3:30 
8106Frank Sinatra3:28 
8107Frank Sinatra2:58 
8108Frank Sinatra3:07 
8109Frank Sinatra3:28 
8110Frank Sinatra4:12 
8111Frank Sinatra2:52 
8112Frank Sinatra4:51 
8113Frank Sinatra3:04 
8114Frank Sinatra3:13 
8114Frank Sinatra3:13 
8115Frank Sinatra3:48 
8116Frank Sinatra3:00 
8116Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra, Frank Sinatra3:00 
8117Frank Sinatra2:48 
8118Frank Sinatra2:53 
8119Frank Sinatra3:25 
8120Frank Sinatra3:08 
8120Frank Sinatra3:08 
9121Frank Sinatra3:19 
9122Frank Sinatra3:20 
9123Frank Sinatra2:29 
Moonlight in Vermont
Frank Sinatra3:32 
9125Frank Sinatra4:37 
9126Frank Sinatra3:28 
9127Frank Sinatra2:11 
9128Frank Sinatra2:50 
9129Frank Sinatra3:30 
9130Frank Sinatra2:55 
9131Frank Sinatra2:44 
9132Frank Sinatra3:52 
9133Frank Sinatra2:14 
9134Frank Sinatra2:50 
9135Frank Sinatra1:51 
10136Frank Sinatra4:09 
10137Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra3:44 
10138Frank Sinatra5:12 
10138Frank Sinatra5:12 
10139Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra4:16 
Willow Weep For Me
Frank Sinatra4:49 
10141Frank Sinatra5:43 
10141Frank Sinatra5:45 
10142Frank Sinatra4:45 
10143Frank Sinatra4:02 
10144Frank Sinatra3:17 
10145Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra4:46 
10146Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra5:15 
10147Frank Sinatra4:23 
10147Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra4:25 
10148Frank Sinatra2:45 
10149Frank Sinatra2:25 
11150Frank Sinatra2:31 
11151Frank Sinatra2:38 
11152Frank Sinatra2:24 
11153Frank Sinatra2:26 
11154Frank Sinatra2:34 
11155Frank Sinatra2:40 
11156Frank Sinatra1:54 
11158Frank Sinatra3:06 
11159Frank Sinatra2:46 
11160Frank Sinatra2:43 
11161Frank Sinatra2:11 
11163Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith2:32 
11164Frank Sinatra2:52 
11165Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith2:25 
11165Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith2:25 
12166Frank Sinatra2:42 
12167Frank Sinatra3:16 
12168Frank Sinatra3:20 
12170Frank Sinatra3:16 
12171Frank Sinatra3:34 
12172Frank Sinatra4:01 
12173Frank Sinatra3:41 
12173Frank Sinatra3:41 
12174Frank Sinatra3:40 
12175Frank Sinatra3:46 
12176Frank Sinatra3:41 
12177The Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tommy Dorsey3:05 
12178Frank Sinatra3:27 
12179Frank Sinatra3:18 
12180Frank Sinatra3:20 
13181Frank Sinatra2:46 
13182Frank Sinatra3:33 
13183Frank Sinatra3:15 
13183Frank Sinatra3:15 
13184Frank Sinatra2:16 
13185Frank Sinatra4:28 
13186Frank Sinatra3:22 
13187Frank Sinatra, Billy Butterfield3:18 
13188Frank Sinatra3:55 
13189Frank Sinatra3:22 
13190Frank Sinatra3:24 
13191Frank Sinatra2:48 
13192Frank Sinatra2:57 
13193Frank Sinatra2:43 
13194Frank Sinatra2:57 
13195Frank Sinatra3:07 
13196Frank Sinatra3:12 
14162Frank Sinatra2:06 
14197Frank Sinatra2:00 
14198Frank Sinatra2:51 
14199Frank Sinatra1:48 
14199Frank Sinatra1:48 
14201Frank Sinatra2:19 
14202Frank Sinatra2:03 
14203Frank Sinatra1:29 
14203Frank Sinatra1:30 
14204Frank Sinatra2:58 
14205Frank Sinatra2:17 
14206Frank Sinatra2:25 
14207Frank Sinatra2:23 
14208Frank Sinatra1:33 
14209Frank Sinatra2:36 
14210Frank Sinatra2:25 
14211Frank Sinatra2:43 
15212Frank Sinatra2:39 
15213Frank Sinatra3:26 
15214Frank Sinatra2:02 
15215Frank Sinatra2:36 
15216Frank Sinatra2:22 
15218Frank Sinatra2:42 
15219Frank Sinatra1:59 
15220Frank Sinatra4:05 
15221Frank Sinatra1:53 
15222Frank Sinatra2:08 
15223Frank Sinatra2:33 
15224Frank Sinatra2:25 
15224Frank Sinatra2:28 
15225Frank Sinatra2:40 
15225Frank Sinatra2:42 
15226Frank Sinatra2:42 
15226Frank Sinatra2:44 
15227Frank Sinatra2:38 
15227Frank Sinatra2:38 
15228Frank Sinatra2:59 
15228Frank Sinatra2:59 
16157Frank Sinatra3:25 
16157Frank Sinatra3:25 
16229Frank Sinatra3:48 
16230Frank Sinatra2:50 
16231Frank Sinatra4:21 
16232Frank Sinatra2:41 
16233Frank Sinatra2:44 
16234Frank Sinatra3:09 
16235Frank Sinatra3:01 
16236Frank Sinatra2:49 
16237Frank Sinatra3:59 
16238Frank Sinatra3:17 
16239Frank Sinatra2:47 
16240Frank Sinatra3:53 
16242Frank Sinatra3:05 
16243Frank Sinatra2:35 
16244Frank Sinatra2:57 

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