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bounce, roll to the skate ya rock
Hip to the hop and ya don't dare stop
Come alive party people, gimme what you got
I guess by now you can take a hunch
Boy I want to impregnate?
Dr. Dre said Slim Shady you a cutie (Uh huh)
I'll give you a deal let me up in that booty (OK!)
Well since age 12 I felt like
You either ridin' with us
Or gettin' rolled on
That means Detroit vs. Everybody!
Hey Em
Let me get that instrumental take it down to the hood
the whole world after me 
catastrophe among us, fatal tragedy 
Mafiosa, murder one mind 
black toaster, low composure 
twin Glocks in 2 holsters 
we mobb
7-45's, that was cool last year
But I'm V-12 in a 7-60, Kenyon passing me beer
I step in the club cameras flashing, girls want to take my pic
Which girls
[Mr. GZUS]
Je-sus with Mase, pass hay, watch us blaze it up
If you don't give a fuck, take your hands and raise em up
It's the knock-right, hit
the Pit this day, we'll damn well take a few of these bastards with us! Onward, my Legion! Alpha formation, banners high! Glory to the Emperor! Into
on, let me get you right, we have this shit)
Take this 500 before you clap this shit up
Say this, let me say this, let me just say this
These flashin'