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the other, but the real thing's alone and it is no man's brother
Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker)
No one knows no nose is good news and senseless extend
you know I need your help
And I'm real, real gone

Some people say
You can make it on your own
Oh you can make it if you try
I know better now
You can't
to the movies
But now I have to crawl
On my hands and knees to make you see
That life is passing us by
Come on press the starter James
Come on give it a try"
Tonight you'll be (Tonight you goin' be a superstar, baby)
A superstar
Come, let me sign you up (Let's get into it)

Oh, it's the lights (You're blinded by

Ooh it's the lights (you're blinded by the...) 
Action! (you need that...) 
Hollywood (Uh Uh Uh Uh) 
Ooh it's the lights (you're blinded by
makes you feel alright when everything goes wrong
One that makes you move your feet and makes you sing along
You need a 'Real Good Feel Good Song'
The only way you take my spot is with a shot
I grab rappers by the hand and make sure they understand
That they can't scrape j-ro the man
They never said your name 
But I knew just who they meant
I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered, too
If by chance you heard it for
and nappy
Come and get it, make it snappy


Cruisin', laid back, drop top, next fling
Head noddin' to the bomb, what's goin' on
Say ooh, I tell you
or are you real?
What you think and what you do is a version
That isn't true
A smile will come to lighten up your sleeping face
So let the night be
or are you real?
What you think and what you do is a version
That isn't true
A smile will come to lighten up your sleeping face
So let the night be
Gotta be strong and handle, it is real
Pussy killz
Mad shots keep a nigga open
Bitch have a nigga's gun smoking
Pussy killz

My nigga james got
kid, twist ya like bolo
You fucking idiot, playing with my Clan but you be fearin it
Fake one, I'm guaranteed to make you take one
Please, y'all
, and why did he think it was so vital
To remove chapters and make his own version of the Bible?
They say Hell is underground and Heaven is in the sky
time, make your pretty face ugly
Hands by your side, stop tryin' to touch me
Let me soak it in, breathe, you smellin' lovely
Kiss yo belly button,
thinking that Muslims like to make bombs

But real Muslims believe in paradise and the resist of Satan
So it all sound the same to me
That's why when
my man beatboxin
Shootin the breeze - see I'm nice with these
You'll be suckin it down like fast food high-see's
Type of rap bitch that love
school shit from junior high
One, two, three, four
Jersey's finest in the house, punchlines and metaphors
Make your foul ice grill, thug grimy on the real
So I have no other choice but to do it my way
Uh huh, uh huh

Uhh, while niggaz are shootin' stupid
I'm carefully plottin' ways to make it rotten
and everybody's sung
Mothers and fathers separated from they sons
Households are broken, you couldn't hold your tongue
If it's yours, say it's yours, take
the trig, there's nuff foes equipped
Real deal, of course, I pack steel, shits thick

I'm not dumb, to walk the streets, they kept us swinging by
A punk
true religion before you found it in denim
Feel the Wrath of Kane and you could not escape
The hip hop version of ?The Ring? and you just watched
I'ma let you know it's real down here.
When you ride down that two-eighty-five,
And you go past Kincaid, get ready to go past that Cambleton Road
a man, 
and we took a small thing to a new land. 
And when I said I loved you I wanted you to understand, 
its real.

[Chorus 1x]

[Jermaine Dupri]
niggers with me on a,
So I recommend your fagot ass to walk by, we movin' money
Touch the sky the, the more about the might dollar
Let's keep it real, ya