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Hey hey Helen (hey hey Helen) 
What's the matter with you 
Hey hey Helen (hey hey Helen) 
Don't you know what to do 
(Yes you do) 
(Yes you do yes
Can you make it alone
Hey hey Helen
What's the matter with you
Hey hey Helen
Don't you know what to do
Hey hey Helen
stares into the vacuum of your eyes
And he says, "Do you wanna make it even"

They found us in the lost and found, love is blind but now I see
That my
I know why
I'm so alive
To leave me breathing
Don't despair
I know why I' m so alive

[Martin Barnard and Helen white]
You don't see it do
Oh I took a wrong turn, it was the right turn
My turn to have me a ball
Boys at the shop told me just where to stop
If I wanted to play for it all
for Mary, I was ready for Jane
How do a woman compete with a man for another man

I asked my man why didnt you tell me that you were gay
when you
don't you tell me
I need to hear you say it
Come on and tell me
Just want to hear it told

Don't I do right by you
Baby, don't I do right by you
I’m gung ho
They sayin’, “Girl, you ain’t Jamaican, accents got to go”
And I say, “Hell no, hell no”
I got Jamaica in my lungs, it’s that good hydro
Except, maybe Helen
And um, I liked the lyrics so much I started singing my own tune to it, you know
The first thing that come to my mind
Hey, lemme see
"Shut up, Helen"

If the house is rockin', don't bother knockin'
If the house is rockin', don't bother knockin'
Just step right in and let the fun
you do, Jimmy?
Would you introduce me to him?
See, that's why I don't like to go nowhere with you
What kind of friend are you?
That's alright, wait
(do right do right)
Holding (do right do right) this woman (woman)
You gotta be a do (why don't cha) right (why don't cha)
All night (why don't cha
Do work, treat rap like a ripped skirt
Sow it up, rep your hood, nigga, throw it up
You'd been standing by my side for years
Sold out concerts,
And our future now, well, it's plain to see
If we don't look out, the bug will get you and me

We'll be rockin' and rollin' with the bug
paid to paint, not playin' all night)
Oh, so if it don't pay it ain't art, and if it does it's all right?
I don't get it (It's wrong 'cause you can go
Helen Reddy

(Keep on singing don't stop singing)
(You're gonna be a star some day)
(You're gonna make a lot of people happy)
at the club
A cutie I tryin get that sneaky hit this bud
What would you do for love?  Or is it cause I
that sickaluffa that you love, that's why I pull
$hort, don't say it tonight, beeatch
It started on a bright morning in 1987
I was in my drop-to Caddy y'all
Gettin sucked by a bitch named Helen
With your bitch right now, yeah, I might be
Sippin' this right now, yeah, we might be
Might hit it from the back, let her ride me
Girl, you never meet
Though y'all know he don't play, right? 
Tnt throws a nigga out a moving van in broad daylight
And he was shackled by hands and feet
Then they say he
but you're bumpin' me now!
Amalgam for the future revolution like Mao.
You're right when I grab the mike, I do what I like,
I sit with a pen by
It wasn't right, 'cause you know right from wrong

I don't know why, I don't know why, I don't why you always wants to make me cry
I don't know
, take it in right, right to your love life
Take it in right, ah (why don't you take it)
Take it in, take it in right
Right down, right down
(Why don't
you lies
Straight out the pull-pit, it's like Merrill Lynch I'm on that bulls***

Real s***, money come first, and even worse
You need all your toes
[RZA] Yo... check check it 

[Tekitha] You can never defeat 

[RZA] Yo check the method of this shit right here one time 

[Tekitha] The Gods