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Two men as one, the same blood they shared
Born from one mother and divided by hate
One other chose the dark side - its torture and bliss
alive at night
In the battle of light with dark earth
Spirits of their own nature fight proudly
Live by my side, feed young heart of mine
But I cannot
breath the angels bring?
Could this be the face of God, this child, the son I once carried?

In the dead of the night
As his life slips away
As he reads by
I'll be the corpse in your bathtub
I'll be as deaf as a post
If you hold me like a newborn
Whisper what you feel
My badly strung
I am the master starving for your blood
I am the chaos breeder in my seeds of evil

I live forever in the dark
With whores by my side
their cries?
Once forged in blood by tragedy
Sharp were the thorns of crimson death

Through the air again our voices whisper and awake are now your
vibrant colors paint the sky
Across the mountains, capped with snow and whipped-creamed clouds
The wind, she sings in a whisper soft and mild
[Whispers something]
Now the night lays dark and cold
Upon a world at sleep
Across he world sweeps a crimson haze
Now the virgin's seal is broken
Lying beside you, here in the dark
Feeling your heart beat with mind
Softly you whisper, you're so sincere
How could our live be so blind
We sailed
tickin' a real live wire
Boy a shot in the dark, I'm a bullet in a bonfire
I'm a bullet in a bonfire

I know you don't know my story
But I know your's
the darkened library
Thinking dark thoughts
Son at home he doesn't really know
Fifty-four years seems so very old
Throws the carnival's ad in the fire
I'll be the corpse in your bathtub
I'll be as deaf as a post
If you hold me like a newborn
Whisper what you feel
My badly strung
a miracle

One honest prayer coming from the heart

A small coal mining town in West Virginia

Prayed as they kept vigil day and night

Saddened by
Of a hotter Götterdämerung
Has started licking like a flame

Whispers in the dismal mist
Are full of crystal promises

Black rites begun in earnest
kingdom will shive by fire.

The flag of hate, sons of perdition we arise us.
black souls against god's concept to slay you all.
In the forest
Will you live in hope or dark desire?
What can I say?
F**k love give me fire

Have you seen what I've made beneath the wreckage?
Just suffer
And I know
He's watching
He lives within the heaven
And he lives within my mind
All I can feel is the love he left behind
Then he will whisper in my
the trees going bare
That lean in to hear your every prayer

The past is a dark foreign country that calls
That you whisper regret into the cracks of its
Nowadays I go blind
When they say there's more to our lives
Then all the death and misery
In which I dwell and has my needs

Should say I believe in
I'll be the fox by the road I am
Enormous and evolved.
A predatory mass, in the dark I am unseen
Me dripping oil from my tail and
My eyes are
My foolish pride
My selfish heart
Lost in the dark
Blinded by my arrogance

And now you beg for one last breath
And I'm the one to blame

At the age of sixty-four, if he lives that long, he'll greet you at the door
And he'll gently lead you by the arm
In the dark recess
of the dark
We are the sailors of the dark

It's a magical affair
When they whisper in the air
In our dreams

And the stories that they tell
We don't
want to love You, Jesus
Every moment I breathe

You can look deep in my heart
And bring Your light in those places so dark
Reveal Your Son in me
By His
you'll be killed
By the man from seven years

A man is coming in thirteen were
To charm the daughters and the sons
Scared for our lives I turn to your