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No longer I was breathing
No more bleeding
Inside the urn
Under a soil and black stone
Under a soil and black stone

And I was listening
And felt no
of light that's letting go of an empty bullet case
By the time it hits the ground he's out of reach
(Let go, let go)

Out reach
(Let go, let go)
So loud, it's the end of the line
You breed your kind
But you wasted your breath

Stampede, trapped into the ground
Stampede, flattened by
There is a thundercloud in my heart, beating down
Drenching the soil of this shameless battleground
And I would not run away, I would not even try
That an endowment of enormity it is to be forgiven of a wasted past...
No single being could relinquish such an opportunity?
A slate wiped clean.
Dusted in snow kissed by fuel emissions and dog ejaculation
Soil fused to feathers
Soil fused to the body
Less than a statistic, so are we
this wasted life behind me after all.

Yes, I see you surrounded by the hopeless.
When they need you you're much to good and bloated,
By the hopeless
dismayed just like you do
I feel decayed

So find me a way to leave
This wasted life behind me
(This wasted life)
So find me a way to leave
This wasted life
Cause who's the girl 
Walking there by your side 
The way she smiles I just know 

I wasted love 
I wasted love 
I wasted all my emotions on you 
Time goes by
Days and years
Only you and I

Wasted days
Wasted nights
Hurt you by and by

Fall in love
Kill a man
No one left to cry
This rave masquerade
Of sophisticated vampires
They stride between earthworms
Entrance the soil
They edge along pavements
Intoxicated vampires
Gonna plant my love in another field
With no rocks beneath the soil
The only way a new life can be found
Is by breaking new ground

of forgotten love
I want to know if a soul will show to grow
Grow in my garden
Sow up the hardened soil of forgotten love

Some days have passed me by
I'm still
She told me "never bend back"
That Nikki Nikki Nack
Turn her around and spit on her back
We said we wouldn't let 'em take our soil
We said we
the times that you've wasted

The times that you take to wait
For all the things that you need
Are the times that you've wasted

Reach up from the soil
break the soft new ground
Penetrating icebergs
And their crests are dawning
By her freezings and thawings
The roses that lay in memoriam
They, they
the spirits of enterprise

Winter enclosure

Peaceful exploitations of deadly words
Soil is pulsating
Transmitted by the sweetest smile
Her beam embraces
Blissfully awaken from tarnished soil
Resurrected, infected degenerate toil
No longer restrained by corporeal chains
Soul charged, but cold, numb
torches for those nine in the circle
Surrounded by nine shadows for nine souls
In the middle, an altar of fire, soil, water and wind
Look, and behold
Lent you my favorite dictionary
Came back with ripped out pages
Stopped by so uninvited
Wasted good silverware on you

You can't trust violence
I can feel the heat
My cities run by the heartless and weak, their
Everybody's wasted
No shoes on their feet
Sown with peasant lies
Burden carried by
Darkness and a hell of chaos
Violence upon the soil of sorrow
Hellspawned and eternal fire
On the bloodred fiels of forthcoming terror

Possessed by
these years go by

Another glass of whiskey but it still don't kill the pain
So he stumbles to the sink and pours it down the drain
He said it's
Need an answer fast and you're runnin' out of time 
And the night goes on for days 

Young and wasted - ooh yeah, ooh yeah - young and wasted