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Angelina, lips like Angelina
Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena

I'm like, got up, thank the Lord for the day
Woke up by a girl, I don't even know her
of Leon
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    by T.I.
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one out of the car and then 
You're the loudest one in the bar 
Tell me is there something wrong girlfriend? 
What's with this new version of who you
closet years ago
Hairstyles and super-malls, you've seen one well you've seen them all
Tell me something I don't know

But in a world that's mostly
I was driving through the night
Into an endless tunnel of fog
When it dawned on me something was wrong
I was in a trance, hypnotized
Bored beyond
All the way from Memphis, babe
In search of something new
You tell me now
That Memphis, girl
Don't hold a thing for you

Hypnotized by gypsy lies
the back of your hand
You will forever know my face (is beautiful) like the back of your hand

the chalk outline tells me us won't work
I don't think you'll
yep yep, another fuck up
Grab your microphone, battle time shown up
Any freestyle I see while I prowl
I dial a new style, tell me about ooh-chow
kissed by higher power
Saying don't wait, don't wait until it's gone
'Cause we belong to something,
We belong to something,
We belong to something new
Combined versions from Norman Blake and Doc Watson

A group of jolly cowboys discussing plans at ease
Said one I'll tell you something, boys, if you
We've got love so strong
It blows my mind
It's a waste of time
T-trying something new
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

I believe in you and me
You know this
to do
A trip to the movies
A drink or two
They don't satisfy you
They don't tell you anything new

You know I don't talk much
Except to myself
at (Cinco de Mayo)
Certain death (Oh no) Oh no

I'm on the road to heaven and hell
Don't even bother me ever since eleven and twelve
I've been that prodigy
waste away my love onto something new.
If there's only one way out, I'll come back for you.

If I get stuck out there forever,
Tell everyone that I
On the way
Trying to get where I'd like to say
I'm always feeling steered away
By someone trying to tell me

What to say and do
I don't want it
something bring me something
Bring me something that I'm missing

Walking into a new frontier
Taking three four steps and I'm out of here
Got to get it
eyes on
Me, Superman, I fell from the window
If I fly high, then why drive a benzo
In drive a 'lac, in drive a hummer
In drive is something brand-new
drive is something brand-new this summer (tell 'em)
The operator, I got your number
Don't act like I don't flow like water, call the plumber (uh-huh)
Don’t give up
When your heart stop
And you tell me something’s gone wrong
Whole hearted, whole hearted
You care, I know you care about me
You care about
Pass Me By

"Does this excite you? Think about it! Does it not stagger the 
imagination? No builder on earth can concieve any structure to 
silently close to you 

I see myself as a hand me down, all broken in
I see myself tattered and torn, I can be brand new
When I`m close to you 


Ms. Holy Roller, new angel
Got your Bible out shoutin? and you're ringin' a bell
Mid-life, reborn, can't wait to tell
If I don't believe what you
Gotham, I got em, Ox city
Right in the face of death, I show no pity
That's why all of my exs still love me
Wifey was Diane, mistress was Selena
to strip for this

So let me get the music in, get the tape in, get the cameras in (oh oh oh ohh)
Baby we don't need no script for this
I'ma throw a couple
me, they lose the line
I have my version of vital signs
But there are complications of a different kind

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not