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of our lives
Working doubles to survive, to get by
A passionless job in a meaningless lie
I despise being trite to get by
What do you offer?
What can
the outside
Appealing resistance to equality
As we fall by the wayside
Producing our offspring
In captivity

Looking out from the inside
Return to Abraham and let us live in peace

Halls of warship burn, until you touch the ground
Ignited by deceit, your will of god is misperceived
take back 
It's my life, I'll take back

Let's take our lives back smash, smash and be free!
Let's take our lives back smash, smash everything!
American, resistance is the game!)

Two pigs wearing suits
Brought the news
That I'm wanted by the bank

They say the rent is due
Caesar's onto you
So you
Insatiable mouth of conflict and greed

Beware the soon to be born bringer of pain

One evil by another inseminated
Pure hatred conceived
The pairing
Swallowed by the air

Please don't sell your dreams
Don't live in somebody else's dream

Don't sell your dreams
Don't live in somebody else's dream
bleed over them

Hindered by savage plague
Offspring wasting away
Christ where is your mercy?
Do listen to me pray?
Cast upon us a pitying eye
though you're walking slow.

Smash your bottle on a gravestone and live while you can,
That homeless brother is my friend.

It's hard to be a pack
I have a burden of pure vengeance
That I was damned with from my birth
And it will the force that drives me
Until the day I quit this earth

You live
man's its only enemy
Without this devastation we have inequality
People live longer thatn yeasterday, their offspring on the rise
It's mordern science,
Dr. Sebi's herbs instead of medication
Breathing heavy, he talked reparations
He said, "Son, we live through our generations"
Offspring, coughing,
I'm talkin', yeah yeah for real

Brown (brown) paper (paper) bags (bags) (cash)
Smashing your hoe on the low and she callin' me dad (smash, dad,
If you've once been beaten by this
The only way for all of you
To live the whole thing through
Is fight the fight beside us
Let's have sex with strangers in the men's room
We could do it and not get caught
Burn down the house where the metal kids live
All the Hendrix
Their lives are still haunted, not in life, but at night when they dream
Old legends they say that his offspring will keep on killing
I see
Years of abuse hidden over time
Lives are shattered by hideous crimes
Using religion abusing their faith
To trap their adolescent prey
One by one
I'll slit their throats
For I am the commander
My knife penetrates
My hunger for death grows
Blinded by evil I slaughter

Pain for
Come, smash up your seats tonight
Sippin'on wine
I'm fine
The music keeps me up all night
Cause I'm full of lust
Come with us
Run for your
I hope you're ready

I hope you're ready for the fall and what's to come
We smash ourselves, live fast and break it all for the ones
Stand by me,
your sick mind

Send me
Shall overcome

See, uh
When you are awake, I'm asleep
And when you are asleep, I will awake
And I will live
everybody's lives
I'm in everything you see, you belong to me

Oh, you might walk down by the station through garbage and rust
Breathing all the diseases, just
Understand that the plan that I view is crucial
Living by the knife, and my life is the usual
That's how we live, take this shank to the rib
And peace the dead
their lives as if there weren't any menacing predators swooping over their offspring. In time the hyena cicadas became hungry and this in when the real
their lives as if there weren't any menacing predators swooping over their offspring. In time the hyena cicadas became hungry and this in when the real