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the street nigga, you're done
Like a child support judge, we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die
And Ted Nugent want us all to die
But real niggas
I walked in through the back door entrance
Shocked it was unlocked, when I walked in, I smelled incense

Chased by a weed aroma, empty
a neighbor in peace
I'd treat her like a drug house and bang like the police
Now at the crib the lights are dim, the music is soft
I said, "You know what
means Blvd*
Tall Milt, Ned, Eddie, Ram, 
>From Caroll City, Dave, Mike and Sam
And Tony, ol' Cory and Ted
My nigga Uzi, fat Milt and Red
And there's
to thumb suck
Once sought a life thought it right to write about
Now gets raped by aryans in the big house (OUCH!)

[Mr. Lif]
Ted did 20 years for growing
My casa, I run
My house, my turf like the ?
West side fuckin' with the Down South
Red flags all at my shows
Used to kill, now we all about dope