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that paid them. 

Please forgive us, we don't know what was done in our name. 
There'll be more trials like this in mercenary heydays. 
When they're
you to see
I need you with me
Oh please let us be

I've so much to give
Please let our love live
Oh, can't you forgive


Girl I'm
every night 
Please forgive us, can't live without us 
Lay down, don't made down to see what you already lose 
Some of our while others they can't
Please help me Lord! 

I've been burned by the sun, then wet by the rain. 
I wonder if it's real or mystic visions of my mind,,, 
Heal me! 
Can you
We start to question why
Darkness falls in finding out
Why you must die
We can no longer see the Son
The three untie into one
Please forgive us
Socrates, the man from Greece
Fell down on his knees
Said, Lord! Forgive them please
Forgive them please
And he spoke no more
And the cup spilled out
to forgive us of
Forgive us for laziness, forgive us Lord for our pride
Forgive us for worldliness, forgive us, cleanse us inside
Cleanse us Lord from
Please forgive us for our sins,
Let not eternity yet begin.
Lost and broken
For the things we've done.
Longing to be caressed
By morning's sun.


Black folks forgive us

But its merely a word
And theresa a lot worse things out there then words

The bombing in Oklahoma
The kids in
the best that I can be
 And I want us to be the best that we can be
 So what I'm asking you to do for me right now is
 To try to forgive me, I'm sorry
easy for a blind man to see the signs

I've seen the future and the end is here
Please forgive me, 'cause I've been there

Seas ran by and by
multiply, there are holes in the sky
TV man shit on you, you love to be screwed
Packaging maniac, guaranteed money back
A no-money superstar, the U.S
The only freedom we have is in a man nailed to a tree.

100 million faces, staring at the sky,
Wondering if this HIV will ever pass us by
"Please, oh Lord, forgive me
For this awful crime I've done"
His attention then was called away
To the words of his dyin' son

Sayin' "Take us to our
you've shown me. 

And in my youth I did defy you to the end,
Please forgive my wildness then,
Even I can't comprehend.
What a mother's love has lent,

When I see you now
I wonder how
I could of watched you walk away
If I let you down
Please forgive me now
For that beautiful goodbye

Early in the morning clouds are dropping on my head
Remind me the things last night I should have left unsaid
So please forgive the words I use, my
to heavens door
Sayin', "Oh God, please forgive me for this awful crime I've done"
And his attention then was called away 
By the words of his dyin' son
[Verse 1]
One for the devil two for my God
Father please forgive me while I rock this broad!
I've been lovin coochie since it was
Papa was a simple man papa loved his farming land
Guess I didn't understand please forgive me papa
You can't paint a picture of a man like papa
I hope The Lord forgives me
Eyes low blowing trees, I hope The Lord forgives me
White girl from overseas, I hope The Lord forgive me
She wants
Tonight's twilight will be the last seen by our eyes,
So if it seems so beautiful, kiss the beauty goodbye,
Oh my little cornea, please say that you
for the things we said
Please forgive us - you wouldn`t leave us?"
I will show you crazy, I'm a maniac
No more final warning, I'm not holding back
I ain't going nowhere, let the roof cave in
'Bout to blow up
they askin' what happened to you

Lord forgive him, he got them dark forces in him
But he also got a rightous 'cause for sinnin'
Them a murder me so