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your man and let him know P'll love to cut his
And n****z is gettin' shot down, two guns up
Double are, S.P. holdin' D block down

You don't live
the tortured souls
Most nights, I hold my toast tight, and it goes like

N.Y.M.P., the realest niggaz
N.Y.M.P., the realest niggaz
Uhh, uh-huh-uh-UHH,
yo yo 

[Chorus: x 2]
You Don't See Us, but we see you 
You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's 
'Cause you will get crept, wit no discrept
block wit' the same crew
'N' everybody sitting fat living good
'N' I'm the only nigga dat be rappin' in my hood
I was raise by the hustlas 'n' gain by
you'll die dancin'
Dark, gliding shapes that violate every law of nature
Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
the dancin, he also does romancin
And when I park my Blazer in my Nikes I'll be p-p-prancin'

[Repeat x2]

Oh what a relief!
They have
[P] I shot the motherf***er back 
[H] Right out the a** son 
[P] For n****z don't know how to act 
[H] What the deal son 
[P] I shot
from around my block 
And it's a sure shot that we stay on top 

It's the planet-p here to keep it live 
And I'm also known as kudu-5 
When my crew
Against all odds, I'm still here n**** 
Aiyyy, I got to get my props for 2Pacalypse 
O.P.D. -- what??! 
When this album come out, n****z can kiss
Chorus: Make em say "Ungh!" (Ungh!) 
N nah n nah! (n nah n nah!) 
[Master P] 
Nigga, I'm the colonel of the muthafuckin tank 
Ya'll after big thangs, we
Yeah, N.Y.M.P. the realest, uhh
This is educated thug music, niggaz

Life's a battle, mean streets eat you alive
Blocks'll have you, tryin'
saw the battle for the crew had little hope
Two were dead, some were wounded, all were clinging to the bow
Fighting fire and a-fighting water trying
won't stand by
And let a n**** do his dues
F*** these hoes, get this bread, rep the crew, the

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Are, realest n****s puttin it down
saw the battle for the crew had little hope
Two were dead, some were wounded, all were clinging to the bow
Fighting fire and a-fighting water trying

[Chorus 2X: Master P]
Bentleys and Hummers; lil daddy, we bout dat (VROOM, VROOM)
Whodi, ice on our mouth and wrist, we bout dat (Bling! Bling!)
Never seen a n**** go to jail and sleep til day two
Well that's how sick I was when Jayrue
Found out the hard way that wasn't powder that they
you very much
I love you very much
Shrooms and weed
I love you very much
This is the Tech N9ne experience
I love you very much
But impostors to Hoffa, Nas plague kills
Countin bills to send to all my jail n****z who fell
From New York to L.A., Q.B. to C.P.T. for G.P
and nine lives

Feeling that it might be wrong to
Temporarily belong to the P.A. man
Some angel from the Midwest is regretting being
Undressed with no
my city then you choke 



Punk motherfuckers get two to the chin 
I don't give a fuck what ya got or who you know
Adf alongside Invasian boy dem LISTEN
And we must big up all crew big up all crew
Big up small crew small crew
I'm about to raise it raise
And I don't miss cause I'm focused

[Bridge x2]


Boy you might talk loud act real
But they don't really want this here
P**** n
of the click
All you suckas want to dis the pacific
But you buster n****s never get specific
Used to love her mad cause we f***ed
Her p**** whipped b****
Money Mark and the S-N-S, we don't play
No day, no way, WHAT YOU SAY?

I got my eye on a victory that'll take my crew down in history (Huh!)