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I'm about to level up
Level up
I'm about to level up
Level up

Call me the one with the vibes
Swerving on I-95
Got my girl by
I'd left town

But the fire was racin' through my brain
I'd only one thing on my mind
So goodbye my love on 42nd Street
If I don't get out of here, I'm
of blue run circles round the morning dew,
Patterns understood by you, reaching out beyond and before.

Time, like gold dust, brings mind down to hidden
to drive
To get out of sight out of his mind
He pushed the hammer down
And shot just like a bullet from a gun

Drunk on the fix of the powerful kick
to hold our own
Against time and distance
They say out of sight out of mind
But I say love like ours can hold the line
I'm here to say they're wrong
legends boy

Agnes lives alone on 42nd street
Badgered by a fat man's memory
Back on the streets
She won't get too far
Gettin' riddled in the dark
knows, heaven only knows
Heaven only knows

(Heaven only knows)
As the hours go by
I can only wonder why
You can change your mind
But you never
the pond by the Dover peaks 
I've smuggled myself into new nationalities
Think you'd be proud of me 

There's room to believe 
Out of sight, out
blends of days
Stream into nights
Consciousness barely coping

The land going by seems level
But really the tracks are
Increasingly sloping
hearing things
I don't know who I am
Tongue out
Thought stalled
The piecemeal crumple of my mind

Where do I start?
Where do I stop?
How do I stop?
and the buzz they were gone in the morning
These days I wake up and there's no one in sight
Sometimes it gets so lonely I don't mind
I live alone but at least
and I worked my way up by hard
Work. I ain't never got nowhere yet but I got there by
Hard work.

Work of the hardest kind. I been down and I been out
She says I'll leave you alone 
I'll leave you alone
Try they give it one more try
She's on the floor he's out the door
Out of sight, out of mind
and he's out to take your wicket 
And you know that that's not cricket. 
He'll baffle you with googlies with leg breaks and off spin 
But keep a level
I'm gonna lose control

What can I do to stop this plague, spread by sight alone
Just a glimpse and then a quiver, then they shiver to the bone
still on my mind
A n**** should've loved you better
Should've took the time, to get you all the time
Now you're out of sight, (oh baby) still on my mind
still on my mind
A nigga should've loved you better
Should've took the time, to get you all the time
Now you're out of sight, (oh baby) still on my mind
the current pauses at your door
Time to seek your own level baby

Amazing things have strayed within your reach
Are you unfazed and unimpressed by all you could
Level with our trip, I'm a lip bitin' beast.
Man for them things, all 42 teeth.
Squeeze the sugar cane on your mouth, must beat.
Ain't your mama
Let the heartache ride tonight
Put him out of your heart, out of mind, out of sight
He ain't worth worrying your pretty blue eyes
Masters of the human race
The mind now knows
New levels of fear

Implanted brain cells
Control is gone
We seem to believe
Truth is regression
I'll never walk inside the light
Now I wait inside the darkness til I'm called out by the night
I'm a fucking nursery rhyme on the school playground
Bottom and top lip, 'bout to have a sugar feast
Level with our trip, I'm a lip bitin' beast

Man, for them things, all 42 teeth
cursed me
Throwing on my hoodie low-profiling, whats up with the Twister
Brother man be wilding
While I be on mission that's beyond eye level
of the mind
Hunted evil kinds

The Violin cried out to the night
Silent screaming-by strings' blood
Nowhere I found, nowhere found me
The darkness