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to lost too long
You packed your clothes up darlin' you never said goodbye
Ah but honey I still love you and I will until I die
Bad impressions, bad
'd been and gone, I know you lied
That's my impression [Repeats]

Go to a club, you think I'll be there
I don't go 'cause I'm not a member
You said you
The first cut
Is a criminal thing
The first cut
Goes deeper in

Each impression
Makes a chain reaction
Each impression
Will never be never be never
But you're secure with me
Have you never let somebody in to
Unmask you
The way you unmask me
I know it's dangerous
Please don't be afraid
If my head could start the argument. You know it would.
Never good at accepting compliments.
That all compliments of me.
Let's go where it might be
impression's never lasting if it can't carry on till night is over
Who could understand the way she moves when everybody's watching? I can't make out any words
the grace go I
Might be a coward
I'm afraid of what I might find out
Never had to knock on wood
But I know someone who has
Which makes me wonder if I could
Like a ton of bricks now are you
Ready to be crushed
By the sledge of rock

By the sledge of rock (rock!)
I just can't seem to get enough
The people in the street had overtaken you
By the time you rounded Second Avenue

So I walked away
All perfumed

Felt just the same
But brand
I could not take it oh so seriously really
When you called and said you'd seen a UFO
But then it dawned on me the message in writing
Spelt out
one thing that I'd never be without
Well I guess I must have got the wrong impression
Cause where is all that love you talked about
Where is all
She's a lot like all the things that I am not

But that's just a first impression
I could be totally wrong
It't only a first impression
town for good

Ask me how and I wish I could stay for certain
All the time you passed them by
They turn their heads to look
Watch them while they
been the same

You make me feel lucky as I can be

Before I couldn't get a break, never had a chance to the impressions 
I want to but now it falls
eyes seeming drawn to you
If you decide you should run away
You won’t be going solo

Why don’t we take it to an interview
And you go and blow it
Like everyone knows you will

Don't look too hard for what you want
Cause it could be on the tip of your tongue
You're holding
I could be contended
I don't need to suffer
You're beautiful
Good to talk to
You make an impression
To take my attention
And when you touch my
What you are

I'm not your apprentice don't lead the way I could care less of your identity my first impressions did not impress your insecurities
never penetrating, always contemplating
We sit and count the blessings but we're blessed by icons
No one else could trust in ice cold ice cold ice cold
my fault
If I turn around
Would that be my loss

Feel the raindrops of impression
Stinging from above
What the price of this confusion
We have
never end
All those sweet dark nights where the warm air sings
We could close our eyes stretching still folded wings
Waiting for the rain to cool us
Questions, I've got some questions
I want to know you
But what if I could ask you only one thing
Only this one time, what would you tell me?
And you could teach me lessons 1 to 10

And on the second first impression I can see how things go wrong
I know this isn't a confession; if it
my fault
If I turn around
Would that be my loss

Feel the raindrops of impression
Stinging from above
What's the price of this confession
Replaced now by feelings and more lost in kind
Sure that you know but you never can tell
When I think I understand you so well
Shakes me that